Timber Frame-Day 9

Palomar College
Cabinet & Furniture Technology

Timber Frame Project 2004 – Day 9

Wednesday…Lots of work today. The goal for the day was to be sure every timber had been touched…and we accomplished that. In addition, peg holes were drilled for the draw-bored insertion of the pegs and black walnut splines were made. The large electric plane was put to use for the first time, with a long line waiting to use it. Embellishments were started for those little touches which will make our structure stand out, such as chamfering ends and edges, and applying a sealer.

Tomorrow will see most of the final touches put to the timbers and the finish applied. Friday is delivery day, and Saturday is the RAISING.

  • Electric plane
  • Drilling peg holes
  • Large mortise
  • King post
  • Mortise with peg holes
  • Sealing end grain and applying wax
  • Eight black walnut splines were made today.
    250 white oak octagonal pegs made by Amish craftsmen in Ohio will be used.

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