CFT 170 – Workbench Design & Production

Workbench Design & Production work bench projects.

Class Projects

Design and construct a workbench, the most basic of woodworking tools. Workbenches are produced using mass-production techniques. However, students can customize the size of their bench to fit individual requirements. The class will review a number of woodworking vises and other bench accessories so that students will be able to further customize their own bench. The class uses high-volume production techniques where the manufacturing of multiple, interchangeable parts will be made. Quality control throughout the milling and construction process is emphasized. The flow of materials through the shop, creation and use of special jigs and fixtures to assist in manufacture, machine set-up and safety will be integral parts of the daily class situation. (Photos courtesy of Bob Jacobson, Douglas Blacke, Richard Konopasek, and Dennis Boehme.)