Comments from students

CFT 100 – Fundamentals of Woodworking

The following comments are excerpted from evaluations written by students who have taken this class:

“I am a fourth generation woodworker. I Took this class because it was a prerequisite to the cabinet making class. I never expected to pick up much in this class. Boy, was I wrong. Every class session taught me things that I did not know before.”
“I found out about this program from an article in the newspaper. Right away, I knew it was perfect for me. I thought there would be a good amount of kids in the class that were my age because I knew many people that were serious about it in high school. I was surprised to find out that I was the youngest kid in the class. I didn’t feel out of place at all though.”
“The real plus of this class is the people I have met – both in class and those volunteers hopping about. What a great crew. I have enjoyed helping my fellow students and amazed that these “kids” have turned out great projects with little or no experience.”
“Well the day finally came, the first day of class. I soon realized how little I knew. I told my friends, that I started the class with, how embarrassed I was to even think I could have started in the 105 class. Chris was so right. Start with the 100 class and work your way up.”
“I have been interested in woodworking for 30 years, but have taken no formal classes. All my efforts have been self-taught and have, by and large, produced acceptable results. I was at first somewhat disappointed that I was required to take the introductory course – sort of a “been there-done that” feeling. However, I must say that this intro course has been very worthwhile. I’ve definitely learned a lot and have enjoyed the clock project.”
“I came to this class with not even the slightest wood working skills or knowledge. Now I feel like I can talk the talk and sort of make something that resembles what I had set out to make. I think the best part of the class was meeting some very nice people and the fact that with all the varied woodworking levels I felt comfortable asking many of them for help. My husband’s response to all this was that he was not losing his spot in the garage. We will see about that!”
“I have learned so much in only 16 classes (sessions). The instructor was easygoing, intelligent, humorous and interesting. The classmates were fun and very helpful. What a great mix of people, from gray-haired retirees to fair-hair teenagers. Thanks for the fun and knowledge. See you in CFT 105.”
Author unknown:
“Tools such as table saw, router and clamp
Battle it out to see who is champ.
But everyone knows
That experience shows
The winner is always the clamp



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