CFT 165/167 Cabinetmaking

CFT 165/167 – Cabinetmaking – Face Frame Construction/ 32mm European Construction

CFT 165 (Fall) and 167 (Spring) begin with an in-depth study of kitchen design. Considerations such as food preparation, storage, appliances, lighting, ventilation, and material selection will be examined. CFT 165 Face Frame Construction is the study of traditional design layout and construction methods. CFT 167 explores the innovative 32mm European cabinetmaking systems.

Students will become familiar with European machinery and hardware. Both classes offer hands-on experience in carcass construction, shelving, partitions and the making of doors and drawers.  Modern fabrication and construction techniques are discussed and utilized in the class using a NEW Talent 408 CNC Router.  Students are encouraged to take CFT 172 CAC/Cabinetvision to utilize CNC fabrication and extract the highest benefit from the class.

Each class is two semesters long (A&B). The two courses will be combined into one section.

Class Projects


Kitchen Layout cabinet drawers caginet Cabinet cabinet cabinet cabinet wall unit wall unit