Timber Frame-Day 3

Palomar College
Cabinet & Furniture Technology

Timber Frame Project 2004 – Day 3

Today was the third day of the Timber Frame class. The breakfast crew brought a fine selection of food, and we were ready to get started.

A short lecture by Rudy on layout started the day, after which we went outside to the work area for a demonstration by Rudy on the art of Timber Frame chiseling (as in removing wood).

Layout was the principal thing for the day, with each team responsible for its own timber and final approval by Rudy, Laura or Connor. Squares, tape measures, pencils, head scratching, re-starting and double-checking were all used by all teams. Then it was to the saws and chisels and the beginning of actual chip-making.

A few people were seen at the sharpening station, and Phil Goettsch conducted a short sharpening session for a small group.

Tomorrow will see many more CHIPS on the ground.

  • Sharpening lesson
  • Layout
  • Carson demo
  • Layout checking by Rudy and Connor
  • First Cuts


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