Timber Frame-Day 5

Palomar College
Cabinet & Furniture Technology
Timber Frame Project 2004 – Day 5

Five days! One more day, and the first week is over. Any doubts about not getting everything done in time for the raising should have been put to rest today. This morning we had another short lecture by Rudy, a few short words about safety, and then outside to work.

Lots of progress…people were working in the shop on workbenches and outdoors on the saw horses. Carson gave a demonstration on the use of the chain mortiser, and the Hand Crank Boring Machine was used for the first time.

Tomorrow is the last day Rudy, Laura and Carson will be with us, as they have to head back to the “center of the universe” (Burbank, Ohio) on Sunday. The new instructors for next week will be here tomorrow, which will be a full work day on the project. Many thanks to the Christian’s for being with us this week in that other “center of the universe” (San Diego County). Can Rudy wear his shorts in Burbank, Ohio, in January? Will Carson’s pants continue to talk to him? Will Laura’s finger heal OK? We’re sure they’ll follow the progress of the project, even if they can’t be at the raising in person.

  • Only in San Diego in January can you relax like this.
  • Tools
  • Carson is demonstrating the chain mortiser.
  • Hand crank boring machine in use.
  • Ongoing Work
  • Some Results


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