CFT 187/188/189 Carving

 Intro, Intermediate & Advanced Carving

Class Projects

187 Introduction to Carving – This beginning course in carving introduces students to the tools and techniques used in carving wood. The course includes specifics of available tools, their proper handling and maintenance as well as discussions of layout and carving methods as applied to furniture and architectural millwork.

188 Intermediate Carving – This course examines methods relating to both low and high relief carving as well as incised lettering. More complex layout and carving techniques are undertaken. Concepts such as setting-in and blocking-out are introduced while modeling (introduced in the beginning course) is more fully developed. Advanced Carving – Advanced Carving is a topical study of specific carving applications as they relate to furniture or architectural millwork. Topics are largely gathered from period styles and may include ball and claw feet, Newport shells, and Philadelphia rococo, as well as contemporary interpretations, Art Nouveau and maritime themes.