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Promise Counseling

Priority appointments are given to Palomar Promise students.  All other students may schedule same-day appointments with our counselor (based on availability). To schedule a one hour Zoom (online) or telephone counseling appointment, contact our office at 760-744-1150, ext. 3931. 

Our Promise Counselors are available to speak with students regarding the following:

  • Educational Planning (abbreviated & comprehensive)
  • Deciding on your program/major
  • Career Exploration
  • Transfer planning for UC, CSU, Private and Out-Of-State
  • Personal counseling


Frequently Asked Questions

To schedule your counseling appointment, please do one of the following:
  • Contact the Promise Office via phone at 760-744-1150, ext. 3931 to schedule a Zoom (online) or telephone appointment with a Promise counselor. Promise counseling appointments are only available to incoming or current Promise students and are being conducted virtually at this time to ensure the safety of students and staff.
  • Visit the General Counseling Online Appointment System to book your 1 hour Zoom counseling appointment: 
  • Call General Counseling to request an appointment via telephone or Zoom at 760-891-7511
Phone Counseling Appointments

If you have a phone appointment, your counselor will call you at the start of the appointment. Please ensure that we have your correct phone number listed on your MyPalomar student portal.

Zoom Counseling Appointments

If you have a Zoom appointment, you will receive a Zoom link with instructions sent to your Palomar College email.  When you receive this email, be sure to note the Zoom link and appointment information, including the password, as it will be required to access your appointment at your scheduled time.

  • Zoom download is required for online appointments. Camera not required.
  • Must have access to a device, preferably a laptop or desktop, whether on a phone or online appointment.
  • You will receive an email from for Zoom appointment information. Watch this video to learn how to check your email for your  zoom online counseling appointment.
  • Review How to Prepare for Your Online Counseling Appointment.
General Information
  • Palomar student email address is required to book an appointment. Watch this video to learn how to access your student email.
  • Counseling is available by phone or online via Zoom. Online appointments are recommended for better understanding.
  • Have your Palomar email open during your appointment time in case of connectivity issues.


An education plan (commonly shortened to ed plan) is a personalized semester by semester course of study outlining a strategy for identifying and reaching your educational goals. Included are recommended career planning activities and support tools. An education plan should be developed during your first semester and maintained throughout your enrollment at Palomar College. Promise students must have an abbreviated (1-2 semester) education plan by the end of their first semester, and a comprehensive (long term) education plan by the end of their first year.

To learn more about how to prepare for your education planning session, click here.

The education plan completed by your counselor can be found under the Records section in your Student Center in MyPalomar.

Watch this video to learn how to obtain your Education Plan that was created by your Counselor on your MyPalomar student portal.


It is recommended that students meet with a counselor once a semester. As part of the Palomar Promise program requirement, we ask all Promise students to have an abbreviated (1-2 semester) education plan by the end of your first semester, and a comprehensive (long-term) education plan by the end of your first year. This can be completed with any counselor from Palomar Promise or General Counseling, or if you are a part of another student support program such as EOP&S, DRC, TRIO, STEM and Veterans Services. 

Quick Questions are for:
  • General or specific questions that can be answered in 15 MINUTES OR LESS
  • Information not found on the Counseling FAQ webpage
  • You must be ready to answer your phone at your scheduled time, otherwise, you will lose your appointment and will need to reschedule
  • Note: If you have never enrolled in any courses at Palomar, please call (760) 891-7511 to schedule an appointment.

***If you need an Education Plan, please schedule a 1-hour counseling appointment. Counselors cannot provide an education plan during a quick question appointment***

To schedule a 15 minute Quick Question appointment with a counselor, visit:


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