Promise Success Agreement

The Palomar Promise Program is a two year comprehensive support program focused on providing first-time college students with the resources and support needed to transition successfully to college.

As a Palomar Promise student, you will benefit from the following services:

  •  Up to two years of free tuition
  • Textbook assistance
  • Priority enrollment for the first year
  • Specialized academic and career planning with related support services
  • Priority access to counseling appointments, academic enrichment, career and social activities
  • Registration and financial aid application assistance

To remain part of the Palomar Promise program, I commit to the following:

  • Check my Palomar College email regularly for updates, information, and communication.
  • Complete my financial aid process by submitting all requested documents on my “To Do List” located in my MyPalomar
  • Attend Skillshops and/or approved campus engagement activities each semester.
  • Meet with a counselor to develop an abbreviated Student Educational Plan (SEP) by the end of my first semester and a comprehensive SEP by the end of my second semester. This can be completed at the TLC, General Counseling, EOP&S, DRC, TRIO, STEM and Veterans Services.
  • I agree to follow my SEP and to meet with a counselor to discuss any changes to my academic goal or course load which may include changing major, adding/dropping classes, and/or transferring to another school.
  • Make my education a priority by regularly attending all my classes and successfully completing the entire academic school year (Fall and Spring).
  • Provide 24-hour notice if I need to cancel or reschedule a counseling appointment.
  • Update any changes in my contact information (email, phone, and mailing address) in MyPalomar account.
  • Understand that the Promise program will monitor my progress by contacting my instructors while I participate in the program. I understand I may be referred to the appropriate academic and student support services based on input from my instructors.
  • Authorize the Promise program to obtain and/or exchange any records or data from the Admissions and Records Office, Financial Aid Office, any student academic support program (TRIO, DRC, EOP&S), and from my high school district.
  • Abide by the Palomar College Student Code of Conduct.

Student Academic Progress

I understand that to be eligible to participate in Promise, I need to be a California resident (or part of an eligible exempt group), a first-time college student and must have an official financial aid application on file with the college by including the Palomar College School Code: 001260 on your FAFSA or California Dream Act application each year.

In order to remain in good standing with Palomar Promise, I take responsibility for:

  •  Completing the Palomar Promise program requirements outlined in the Promise Success Agreement
  • Maintaining full-time enrollment (12 or more units) per semester, based on my Student Educational Plan (SEP). I will consult with a counselor before making any changes to my educational plan, to ensure my continued academic success.
      • Students who have a disability which interferes with taking a full course load may be eligible for accommodations, including a waiver of the 12 unit requirement, through the Disability Resource Center (DRC).
  • Maintaining a minimum 2.0 GPA while attending Palomar. If necessary, I agree to participate in academic intervention activities to regain my good standing.
  • Completing my financial aid process by submitting all requested documents on my “To Do List” located in my MyPalomar


I understand if I do not meet the above requirements, my Promise status may be affected or I may be disqualified from the program.

I understand that by submitting my online Promise application in eServices, I have agreed to the terms above.