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Program Information

The Palomar Promise is a two year comprehensive student success program which is designed to provide first-time college students with access to an affordable higher education and to increase college-going and completion rates in our community.  Through a package of free financial resources and academic support services, WE PROMISE to assist students to enroll in college, stay on track to complete their academic and career development goals, and upon graduation from Palomar College either enter the workforce or transfer to the four-year college or university of their choice.

Yes. The Palomar Promise is not mutually exclusive with any other program our campus offers.  In fact, we encourage students to take advantage of these beneficial programs.

Palomar Promise is funded using a combination of  state, federal and local funding resources.

No, the California College Promise Grant is the new name for the enrollment fee waiver (formerly called BOGW) for eligible students attending a California community college, while the Palomar Promise is a two year comprehensive student support program supported by state funds (i.e. California College Promise programs) and donations.

To be part of the Palomar Promise program, students are required to complete the Palomar Promise application and a financial aid application, enroll in full-time status and meet the other Promise eligibility requirements. Students do not have to qualify for any form of financial aid to be part of the Palomar Promise program. A student can qualify for both the CCPG and the Palomar Promise program.


Eligible students must first apply to Palomar College by completing the Palomar College admissions application via CCCApply. Students must complete the Palomar Promise application located on their MyPalomar (eServices) student portal.  Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis pending availability of program funds.

For more information on how to apply, please click here.

Please note that we are no longer accepting applications for Palomar Promise 2020-21. 

No. Students who meet all  the requirements and have been officially accepted to Palomar Promise will be notified via email that their status has been changed to Confirmed  Promise student. Promise applicants should log into their MyPalomar (eServices) to view their application status for Palomar Promise. Click here for more information on how to view your status.

All applications will be reviewed and considered on a first-come, first-served basis dependent upon availability of funds. Therefore, it is best to submit your application early  and to make certain you meet all other requirements early in the application period. Finally, keep in mind that your application will be considered complete and eligible for review based on the following:

  • Palomar College application submission date via CCCApply (OpenCCC)
  • Promise application submission date
  • Palomar College’s receipt date of your Official FAFSA/Dream Act application. Must include Palomar College school code: 001260. Errors made when submitting your financial aid application may impact your eligibility and result in delays in screening your Promise application.
  • California resident, or part of an eligible exempt group
  • Enrollment in a minimum of 12 units for Fall 2020 by the required deadline


Palomar Promise is open to all first-time college students. Applicants must be a California resident or from an eligible exempt group (i.e. AB 540 or military dependent).

Students must also complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act application and include the Palomar College school code: 001260; enroll full-time (a minimum of 12 units) at Palomar College; and  follow the Promise Success Agreement

To qualify for Palomar Promise, you must be a first-time college student. A first-time college student is anyone who has never attended a higher education institution as a college student and will be attending Palomar College for the first-time. Students who have earned college units while in high school will still be considered first-time college students.

A student can take courses in the Summer term immediately prior to their first Fall term and still be considered as a first-time student. This will not impact your Promise eligibility. Promise does not cover the summer fees nor can the summer units be considered part of the 12 unit minimum requirement for fall.

Yes. However, students who graduate from high school early may be asked to submit official high school transcripts.

Yes, students who are eligible to file a California Dream Act application and meet the eligibility criteria for an AB540 waiver can apply for the Palomar Promise.

Palomar College is committed to protecting the privacy of all students and will not release any personal information to a third party without the permission of the student or by court order.

A student must agree to actively engage in the Palomar Promise program by enrolling in a minimum of 12 units per semester, meet with a Counselor to establish a student education plan, maintain a 2.0 GPA while attending Palomar College, and adhere to the Promise Success Agreement. In addition, students must renew their FAFSA or California Dream Act application each year to maintain their Promise eligibility.


  • Winter intersession classes are included towards the 12 unit enrollment requirement for Spring Promise eligibility.
  •  Units taken in summer do not apply towards the fall semester 12 unit requirement.


In order to remain eligible for the  Promise benefits, students must maintain full-time enrollment. Students with extenuating circumstances will have an opportunity to submit a Promise Progress Petition should they drop below 12 units.

In order to remain eligible for the Promise benefits, students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA.  Students with extenuating circumstances who drop below a 2.0 cumulative GPA and wish to remain in the Palomar Promise program will have an opportunity to submit a Promise Progress Petition.

No. Units earned through credit by exam do not count towards the full time (12 unit) requirement for Palomar Promise.

No. Palomar Promise does not cover the cost of credit by exams.

Benefits and Services

  • Free tuition for up to two years ($46/ unit, up to 19 units per semester; material fees not included)
  • Promise textbook assistance
  • Priority registration for the first year
  • Academic and career counseling services
  • Individualized educational plans
  • Academic enrichment, career, and social activities
  • Special events to help students connect with the Palomar College resources and campus community (peers, staff and faculty)

*Program benefits subject to available funding.

Enrollment Fees for California Residents $46 per unit (up to 19 units each semester)
Textbook Assistance **To be determined based on funding
*Program benefits subject to available funding

The two primary goals of the Palomar Promise program are to increase access to higher education by removing the financial barriers to attend college and to increase college completion by providing a comprehensive set of academic support services.

To be eligible to join the Palomar Promise, students will be required to sign a Promise Success agreement and meet with a counselor to establish an education plan.  Participating students will be expected to follow their education plan, meet with a counselor as needed, and actively participate in specialized academic and career workshops, tutoring services, and financial literacy services.

No, Promise does not cover fees for summer classes.

Note: Summer classes do not apply towards the fall 12 unit requirement.



No. The Promise textbook account is set up with the Palomar College Bookstore. Students who have been confirmed to participate in the Promise program will receive a notification prior to the start of the fall semester as to when they can access their Promise textbook funds.

Students will receive an email notification informing them that their textbook account is set-up in the campus bookstore, which will remain open for use until census date each semester.  This deadline applies to all classes, including late-start classes as well as requesting textbook refunds.

Next Steps

Eligible students who have submitted their Palomar Promise application and have an Official FAFSA or California Dream Act application on file with the college will receive an initial Promise status notification via their Palomar student email account in mid-April. All official program notifications will only be sent to the students' Palomar email account.

It is very important that you check the status of your financial aid application to ensure it is complete and accurate, and verify that it has been received by Palomar College.

    • Must include Palomar College school code: 001260
    • Errors made when submitting your financial aid application may impact your eligibility and result in delays in screening your Promise application..



Your Palomar College student email account is very important.  Make sure your Palomar College email is activated as soon as possible.  The College will only communicate to you through your Palomar email address, regardless of you having a personal email address on file. This includes notifications of the status of your FAFSA, missing documents, financial aid awards, and other messages from the Financial Aid Office. For instructions on how to access your Palomar student email  click here.

  • To check your student email account, sign onto MyPalomar account, click on the Welcome tab and you will either see “Activate Student Email” or “Auto Login Email”.

Please refer to the Next Steps page for more information about completing the required steps for Promise eligibility.

For information about the Palomar Promise application and eligibility , please contact the Teaching and Learning Center San Marcos at (760) 744-1150, ext. 3931.

If you have questions regarding your financial aid application, please contact the Palomar College Financial Aid Office at (760) 744-1150, ext. 2164.

Yes. Students who have submitted their Promise application may view their status on MyPalomar account. Once you log in to your MyPalomar account, click on the Student Center tab. You will see a box near the bottom right corner labeled Promise Application.

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