Palomar College Learning For Success

Counseling Department

Counseling Services Division


How to Schedule Your Counseling Appointment

Meet a Counselor Phone or Online Counseling
  • Call (760) 891-7511  to request an appointment

You may request a phone or online appointment. Online appointments are recommended for better understanding.


  • Schedule through our online system

Schedule a 1-hour online appointment or 15-minute quick question phone session through our online system.
If appointments are booked, please contact (760) 891-7511 for assistance. We may be able to schedule a same-day appointment.

Academic Counseling

1 Hour Online (Zoom) Counseling

  • Education Planning
  • Transcript Review
  • Financial Aid Appeals
  • Academic Probation/Dismissal
  • Personal Counseling
  • Career Development and Exploration

Quick Question

15 Minute Phone Session

  • Quick questions that can be answered in 15 MINUTES OR LESS
  • Information not found on the Counseling FAQ webpage.
  • Conducted over the phone only


Group Session

Live Group Workshop

  • Available only during peak season: January, May-August
  • Assistance with selecting courses for the semester
  • Students with less than 15 units and no transcripts from other colleges
  • Conducted live via Zoom. A form will be provided for you to complete to assist the counselor in creating an education plan for you.

How to Prepare for Your Appointment


  • Palomar student email address is required to book an appointment. Watch this video to learn how to access your student email.""
  • Counseling is available by phone or online via Zoom. Online appointments are recommended for better understanding.
  • Must have access to a device, preferably a laptop or desktop, whether on a phone or online appointment.
  • You will receive a reminder of your appointment via text or your Palomar email.
  • Have your Palomar email open during your appointment time in case of connectivity issues.
  • Students with disabilities who may need accommodations for their counseling appointment are encouraged to contact the counseling front desk to make arrangements with the DRC (Disability Resource Center).  For more information regarding accommodations, you may contact DRC at 760-593-7230 or visit the DRC website.

Zoom Online Counseling Appointment 

  • Zoom download is required for online appointments. Camera not required.
  • You will receive an email from for Zoom appointment information. Watch this video to learn how to check your email for your  zoom online counseling appointment.
  • Review How to Prepare for Your Online Counseling Appointment.