Probation and Dismissal

What is Probation?

Students will be placed on probation when they have:

  • Attempted at least 12 graded units; and their
  • Cumulative (overall) GPA falls below 2.0

Students will be placed on progress probation when they have:

  • Cumulative (overall) attempted units with W, I, NP, or NC grades continue to be 50% or more of all attempted units
  • Semester (term) attempted units with W, I, NP, or NC grades are below 50%

What is Dismissal

Student who is on academic probation 2 shall be subject to dismissal if the student:

  • Earned a cumulative and semester GPA below 2.0 in all units attempted in each of three consecutive semesters


Academic Status Level

Select your academic status level to determine your next steps. To read a description of each level, click here.

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Last modified on October 10, 2023