Quick Tips to Start Your Semester Successfully

Here are a few things to help your semester be successful!

  • Parking permits are required.  Without one, you will get a ticket. Arrive early.  Parking is crazy the first two weeks of the semester!
  • Buy your textbooks ASAP (if you cannot afford to buy your books at the start of the semester, ask your instructor if a copy can be put on reserve in the library). Search for your books online as well!
  • Get organized! Use a calendar, plan each day of the week so you will know what you need to be doing!  Use time after class to study.
  • Don’t miss the first day of classes or you may be dropped!
  • Be sure you pay all class fees. If you added courses you might need to pay additional fees.
  • You can still apply for financial aid throughout the year.
  • Be familiar with class drop dates and deadlines. Check MyPalomar for specifics as each class may have different dates and deadlines.
  • Exchange email and phone information with a classmate.  This is your connection in case you miss class.
  • Check your Palomar College email account through MyPalomar or Office.com regularly.  Important college information goes to this account.

Your path to graduation begins on the first day!

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Last modified on March 30, 2023