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Food and Dining Services

California Dining Services (CDS) offers a range of items for breakfast, with both hot selections and grab and go items available.  For lunch, the grill will offer burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, etc. and a variety of refrigerated grab and go sandwiches, salads, fruits, protein boxes, and other snack items available.  As additional equipment arrives and is installed, a burrito station and a fresh pizza station will also be opened.

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Maps and Navigation

Visit this site and sort by campus on the top right of this page or select a building from the list. After clicking “view” on the right, the building will be identified, and you will be prompted in the top right corner for directions if you would like navigational directions to that building.

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Parking on Campus

Any individual or group utilizing district facilities must be legally parked and properly displaying a valid parking permit as issued by the college to any vendors visiting campus. This also applies to individuals using a state issued disabled placard permit or plate as adopted in the Palomar College Board Policy and Administrative Policy.

Parking Policies and Procedures

Last modified on April 17, 2024