Transfer Students

This option is available to prospective students who have been enrolled in an accredited registered nursing program within the last two years.


  1. Contact the counseling department to schedule a meeting with one of the counselors to determine one’s eligibility to apply, and if the pre-requisites already taken will satisfy the degree.
  2. Submit the following documents to the Nursing Education Department Assistant Chairperson for review. Email the documents to
    • Transfer Evaluation Form for each desired class equivalency.  It must be as complete and thorough as possible. The form requires learning unit objectives to prove that the content learned aligns with what the applicant will be required to know if the courses were taken at Palomar College. Please include the course syllabus and provide the course number & page number in the syllabus where specific objectives on this information can be verified.  
    • Copies of all unofficial transcripts showing all the nursing courses taken.
    • Copy of a care plan. The care plan should be one that best represents the applicant’s skill level for the semester recently completed.

The Nursing Education Department Assistant Chairperson will review your completed Transfer Evaluation forms, sample care plan, unofficial transcripts, and any additional submitted materials. Applications will also be discussed with the faculty before any decisions are made. Applicants will be notified, in writing, of the outcome. If accepted into the Palomar College Nursing Program, prospective students must meet all program prerequisites. Possible entry is on a space-available basis.

Please know that applying to transfer into another nursing program can be a long process. If the upcoming semester is full, applications will be evaluated for the next semester or when there is a space available.