Diploma RN to ADN


  • The prospective student must present a valid, active California RN license to the Nursing Education Department for verification. A copy of the RN license must be submitted to the College’s Records Office for inclusion in the student’s academic file.
  • The prospective student must submit an official transcript of the Diploma Nursing school coursework and send to the Nursing Education Department Chairperson at Palomar College. The transcript will also be evaluated by the Palomar College Evaluation Department for GE course approvals.
  • Units accepted from diploma school: 38 units of the 39 units required for the Nursing major at Palomar College may be awarded from the Diploma Nursing school.
  • One unit in Nursing at Palomar College must be earned by completion of N203-Nursing Foundation II.
  • A Diploma Nurse must also meet all Associate Degree (AA or AS) General Education and/or District requirements including a minimum of 12 units which must be completed in residency at Palomar College.

When the student has completed the General Education requirements for the AA or AS Degree and the one unit required in Nursing, they will be awarded credit for the 38 units of coursework completed in the Diploma Nursing school.