Clinical Agency Requirements

The background check/drug screen procedure should not be initiated until directed to do so by the Nursing Education Department staff.

As per the Palomar College Nursing Education Department agreement with the San Diego Nursing & Allied Health Service Education Consortium, students and faculty must complete a background check and drug screen prior to participating in clinical experiences at health care facilities. The results of this background check and drug screen will be investigated and reviewed by each clinical agency prior to any clinical rotation throughout the program.

At a minimum, background checks will include the following:

  • Seven years residence/background history
  • Address verification
  • Two names (current legal and one other name)
  • Three counties
  • Sex offender database search
  • OIG/GSA-Medicare Excluded List
  • Social Security Number verification
  • Search through applicable professional certification or licensing agency for infractions, if   student currently holds a professional license or certification
  • 10-Panel Drug Screen

Each semester the clinical agencies being used will make their own determination as to whether or not a student is allowed to enter their facility for clinical. Due to the strict requirements of each site, students with any of the following situations (but not limited to) may not be accepted by the clinical site and therefore, will not be allowed to begin and/or continue in the Nursing Program.

  • Felony convictions of any kind
  • Class B & Class A misdemeanor theft
  • Fraud
  • Drug & alcohol related offenses
  • Convictions of abuse, battery, violence, hate crime, theft or dishonesty
  • History of repeated offenses
  • Active warrant for arrest
  • On probation of any kind – even reckless driving
  • Dilute urine drug screen
  • DUI

The above list is not comprehensive of the items that might come up during the background check process. Anything that results in a “flag” on the background check can and will be examined by the clinical agencies. These decisions are independent of the rules of admission to Palomar College. The faculty of the Palomar Nursing Program is not in control of any clinical agency’s decision. If at any time during the program a clinical agency refuses a clinical placement, the student will not be allowed to continue in the program. Due to the program’s agreement with the San Diego Consortium, a different clinical site will not be provided for the student.


Please watch this California Board of Registered Nursing Applicant Enforcement Webinar if you are a pre-licensure student and first-time applicant for licensure in California with a history of criminal conviction or discipline against another professional license.