Legal Status Requirement

Palomar College welcomes and serves all students. Students without a social security number are eligible to join the nursing program, assuming all pre-qualifications are satisfied.  Clinical hours are required as part of the nursing program.  Therefore, it is important to be aware that some clinical sites used by the Nursing Education Department Program at Palomar College may require specific employment requirements, including residency to attend a clinical.

In addition, the California State Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) requires possession of a social security number SSN or ITIN before a graduate from a nursing program can sit for the NCLEX exam or obtain licensure. An RN license cannot be issued without passing the NCLEX exam.

Palomar College has contracted with Jewish Family Legal Services of San Diego to provide Palomar College students with free legal consultation. Services are confidential and appointments can be made at no cost to the student. Palomar College students can set up appointments with them by clicking here.