Prerequisite Coursework


Courses must be transferable to Palomar College. We are unable to accept courses including, but not limited to, those taken from,, UCSD Extension, United States University, Southern California University of Health Science, or science courses from University of Phoenix.


Students must receive a grade of “C” or better in each course, and have a combined 2.5 minimum GPA. Lecture and lab must be taken in the same term and be at least 4 semester units. Courses must be taken in person. We will be accepting science courses taken during the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 academic years that were meant to be taught in person, but were temporarily moved online due to COVID. Beginning in Fall 2022, student are expected to take science courses in person. Courses must be transferable to Palomar College.

  • Anatomy
    • BIOL 210 – Taken within the last 10 years
  • Physiology
    • BIOL 211 – Taken with the last 7 years
  • Microbiology
    • BIOL 212 – Taken within the last 7 years

Combined Anatomy/Physiology courses (A&P I, A&P II) must be taken within the last 7 years.
Courses taken at Palomar College where a grade of “C” or better is earned cannot be retaken at Palomar College.
Retake Policy: Once a student has completed all 3 science courses with a grade of “C” or better, one course may be retaken to attempt a higher grade. Palomar Nursing does not take in to consideration course retaken due to non-passing grades such as W, FW, F, D, or C-.

General Education

Students must complete one course from each category. The specific courses listed serve as examples of which Palomar courses fulfill each requirement. Students must receive a “C” or better and have a combined GPA of 2.0 to receive credit. To determine if coursework is equivalent and transferable to Palomar, please contact an Academic Counselor.

Completion of Intermediate Algebra or the equivalent or any transfer-level math course (MATH 100-245, excluding MATH 197) or BUS 204 or PSYC/SOC 205 or high school algebra II, or high school integrated math III with a grade of “C” or better (documentation required- include high school transcripts in application )

  • MATH 110 College Algebra
  • MATH 115 Trigonometry
  • MATH 120 Elementary Statistics
  • Any higher-level math
  • PSYC/SOC 205 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
  • We cannot accept BST 322 from National University
  • English Composition
    • ENG 100 English Composition
    • ESL 110 College Composition for Non-Native Speakers (taken Fall 2020 or later)
    • ENG 202 Critical Thinking and Composition
  • Speech, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication
    • SPCH 100 Oral Communication
    • SPCH 105 Beginning Argumentation and Debate
    • SPCH 115 Interpersonal Communication
    • SPCH 120 Human Communication
  • Psychology
    • PSYC 100 Introduction to Psychology
    • PSYC 105 Marriage, Family, and Intimate Relationships
    • PSYC 110 Developmental Psychology – Child Through Adult
    • PSYC 115 The Psychology of Personal Growth and Development
    • PSYC 120 Social Psychology
    • PSYC 125 Human Sexuality
    • PSYC 130 Psychology of Women
  • Sociology
    • SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology
    • SOC 105 Marriage, Family, and Intimate Relationships
    • SOC 110 Social Problems
    • SOC 125 Human Sexuality
    • SOC 130 Introduction to Sociology of Health
    • SOC 135 Gender and Society
    • SOC 145 Psychology and Sociology of Aging

For all questions regarding coursework, please contact Academic Counseling directly. All courses used in your application are subject to evaluation and approval by Palomar College for completion of the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees.