Scripps Rotation Requirements

When naming your documents to upload, please use file names that describe what is on the document. Do not use file names like Image_001.

If any of the following requirements will expire during your rotation, it is your responsibility to renew this paperwork during your rotation and contact the staff member in charge of approving Complio requirements so they can share the updated document with the site. Failure to do so will result in your approval with the site being revoked until it is reapproved.

Required Vaccinations

  • COVID-19 + Booster
    • Does not have option for declination form.
  • Flu Vaccine (seasonal/annually done)
  • Hepatitis B
    • Titer
    • Hepatitis B (3-Dose)
    • Heplisav B (2-Dose)
    • Hepatitis B Declination Form (signed through Complio)
  • TDap (good for 10 years)
  • MMR
    • Measles Titer + Mumps Titer + Rubella Titer
    • MMR (2-Dose)
  • Varicella (2-Dose or Titer)

Other Documents

  • Background Check (good for 2 years)
  • CPR Certification (good for 2 years)
  • Drug Screen (good for 7 years)
  • Tuberculosis (needs to be done annually)

Scripps Specific Requirements