How Students Are Placed

Palomar College no longer uses standardized assessment tests to place students in English, ESL, and math/quantitative reasoning. Students are placed by multiple measures, which may include U.S. high school GPA and past coursework.  

Placement is determined using the online application, and students can view their recommended placement in their Student Center account in MyPalomar.  

Years of research have shown that the strongest predictor of accurate placement is through using multiple measures. Students placed using multiple measures have increased success in transfer-level math and English/ESL courses. 

Students who do not have U.S. High School records should contact our Assessment Specialists at or make an appointment to see a counselor using the online appointment system or by calling 760-891-7411 

Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor to discuss any other work and educational experience, such as military training, special certificates and licenses, work history, and/or do not have U.S. high school transcripts. This information can be used to improve the accuracy of their placement based on the student’s major or educational goals. 

Use our online system or call the Counseling Front Desk at (760) 891-7511 to schedule an appointment with a counselor.