Math Learning Center

Important Information About Tutoring

Math Center is continuing its transition from Virtual (Online) to Face-to-Face support for our students.

This semester, the Math Center will be operating in a dual format. Students can access both Online tutoring (from any location) or receive Face-to-Face (in person) tutoring in Room MC-1. Please see the hours of operation for each under the Center Hours. Please note that both virtual and face-to-face centers have their own operational hours. No prior appointment necessary for you to use the center. You may drop-in (physically or virtually) during the hours of operation.

You will receive help from a mathematics instructor at Palomar College or a certified tutor who has experience in the subject or topic, who will be tutoring under the direct supervision of the instructor on duty. Both the Math Center (MC-1) and the Virtual Math Center are staffed with a mathematics instructor and one or more tutors during the hours of operation. Please follow the Palomar College COVID-19 protocol when using the Math Center (MC-1).

To receive free tutoring:

Step 1: Enroll in NBASC 904 (Supervised Tutoring Class)
This is a ZERO-unit, ZERO- credit course. Enrolling in course will not affect your GPA nor will it cost you anything. You may enroll in this course through MyPalomar. Please contact the go to the Math Center or the Virtual Math Center to enroll in this course.

Step 2: Each time you need help (tutoring)
Come to the Math Learning Center (Room MC-1) on the main campus in San Marcos.
From a computer or tablet, log in to the Virtual Math Center.

You may also contact us during the hours of operation using the zoom link  

[Be sure to use your name on Palomar records when you enroll as we will have to verify it against the NBASC 904 class roster before we can connect to a tutor.]

If you have any questions or difficulties signing up for the supervised tutoring class (NBASC 904), please contact Prof. Fari Towfiq, Math Learning Center Director,

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


The mission of the Mathematics Learning Center is to contribute to and facilitate the success of all students enrolled in mathematics classes at Palomar College by providing tutoring in all levels of mathematics courses offered and by providing hybrid mathematics courses (self-taught) to accommodate the needs of our diverse student population to become more effective and empowered learners.  The Mathematics Learning Center emphasizes a positive learning environment for all students who are pursuing transfer-readiness, general education, basic skills, career and technical training, aesthetic and cultural enrichment, and lifelong education by promoting study skill development, understanding of course concepts, reinforcing successful study habits and encouraging independent learning.

The Math Learning Center provides free tutoring to students enrolled in math courses at Palomar College. We are located in room MC-1, across from the NS building and next door to the health center. To receive tutoring, one must enroll in a no cost, zero unit course. If you have any difficulty signing up for the course, please do not hesitate to call our staff at (760) 744-1150 ext. 2718.

Apply to Be a Tutor

Please email the application to Amber DeFreitas, Math Center Tutoring Coordinator,