Math and Science Learning Center

Important Information About Tutoring

Math & Science Learning Center is continuing its transition from Virtual (Online) to Face-to-Face support for our students.

This fall, the Math & Science Learning Center will be operating in a dual format. Students can access both Online tutoring (from any location) or receive Face-to-Face (in person) tutoring in Room LRC-318. Please see the hours of operation for each under the Center Hours. No prior appointment necessary for you to use the center. You may drop-in (physically or virtually) during the hours of operation.

You will receive help from a mathematics instructor at Palomar College or a certified tutor who has experience in the subject or topic, who will be tutoring under the direct supervision of the instructor on duty. Both the Math & Science Learning Center (LRC-318) and the Virtual Center are staffed with a mathematics instructor and one or more tutors during the hours of operation.

The subjects we offer tutoring services at the Math & Science Learning Center include Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, and Math.

To receive free tutoring:

Step 1: Enroll in NBASC 904 (Supervised Tutoring Class, #50016)
This is a ZERO-unit, ZERO-credit course. Enrolling in course will not affect your GPA nor will it cost you anything. You may enroll in this course through MyPalomar. Please go to the Math & Science Learning Center or the Virtual Math & Science Learning Center for help enrolling in this course.

Step 2: Each time you need help (tutoring)
Come to the Math & Science Learning Center (Room LRC-318) on the main campus in San Marcos.
From a computer or tablet, log in to the Virtual Math & Science Learning Center during the hours of operation using the zoom link:

[Be sure to use your name on Palomar records when you enroll as we will have to verify it against the NBASC 904 class roster before we can connect you to a tutor.]

If you have any questions or difficulties signing up for the supervised tutoring class (NBASC 904, #50016), please contact Prof. Yuan-Lin (Annie) Lee, Math & Science Learning Center Director,

The Math & Science Learning Center provides free tutoring to students enrolled in STEM courses at Palomar College. We are located in room LRC-318, the third floor of the Learning Resource Center. To receive tutoring, one must enroll in a no cost, zero unit course. If you have any difficulty signing up for the course, please do not hesitate to call our staff at (760) 744-1150 ext. 2718.

Apply to Be a Tutor*
* You must be a Palomar student taking at least one class to be a tutor.

Please email the application to Amber DeFreitas, Tutoring Center Coordinator,