Math & ESL Prep

Bridge to College Math

This FREE noncredit (no unit charge) program is designed for anyone who would like a math refresher or has a math placement with an integrated co-requisite support course. It is also gives you support by building your mathematical confidence and proficiency while improving your math placement.

Course paths:

  • Quantitative Reasoning Bootcamp: Intended for any student planning on taking: M100, M100+1, M101 or M101+14
  • College Algebra bootcamp: Intended for students placed into M110+11, M110, or M126
  • Statistics bootcamp: Intended for students placed into M54, M120+20, M120, PSYC/SOC 205 or BUS 204
  • Precalculus & Calculus bootcamp: Intended for students placed into M115, M127, M130+30, M130, M135, or M140

ESL Bridge

ESL Summer Bridge will help you improve your academic English.
You will learn...

  • how to become a better writer and stronger reader
  • how to learn new vocabulary words and grammar
  • how to be a successful college student