You have the right to access transfer-level courses in English, ESL, & Math.

The California Community College system requires that all students have the right to access transfer-level courses in English/ESL and math/quantitative reasoning.  

The benefits to starting at the transfer level in these subjects are that: 

  • Students are more likely to successfully complete transfer-level math and English/ESL. 
  • Students take fewer units, saving time and money. 
  • Students are more likely to complete their certificate, college degree, or transfer goal. 

At Palomar College, you will have a lot of support to assist you in completing your transfer-level English/ESL and math/quantitative reasoning courses. 

Support available to you includes: corequisite support classes, on-campus and virtual tutoring in our tutoring centers, in-class tutoring via embedded tutors, counseling, and many other programs and services! 

Last modified May 2022


Next Steps

  1. Check out your placement in MyPalomar today! Look at the placement box in the bottom right-hand portion of the page.
  2. Find the Group listing for your math placement as well as the course numbers for your English, Reading &/or ESL placement.
  3. Contact the Counseling Department at 760-891-7511 to speak/meet with a Quick Questions Counselor to get advice on which math class is best for you based on your placement and your major.