Understanding Recommended Math Courses

Students no longer take assessment tests at Palomar College. Instead, students who have U.S. High School records are placed using multiple measures. Multiple measures include overall high school GPA and the highest level of math they completed in high school.  

Students who do not have U.S. High School records should contact our Assessment Specialists at assessment@palomar.edu or make an appointment to see a counselor using the online appointment system or by calling 760-891-7411. 

Transfer-level courses are numbered 100 and above at Palomar College. 

Quantitative Reasoning (QR) refers to the study of applying “...data and quantitative tools to a wide range of problems in personal professional, and public contexts....”

Math Placement Tool

Mathematics Department

Located in P-2
(760)-744-1150 x2535
Dept. Chair: Craig Chamberlin

Psychology (PSYC 205)

Behavioral Sciences Department (Psychology)
760.744.1150 x2329
Dept Chairs: Dr. Jeffrey Epstein & Dr. Netta Schroer

Sociology (SOC 205)

Behavioral Sciences Department (Sociology)
(760)-744-1150 x2329

Business (BUS 204)

Dept. Chair: Jackie Martin