Understanding Recommended English Courses

Your success in our English classes is our ultimate goal!  Most incoming Palomar College students are placed into English 100/English Composition, which is our transfer-level composition course.  English 100 offers instruction in writing college-level essays, using MLA format, and doing research.  Taking this class during your first year at Palomar will ensure you do well in all of your college classes since most of them require essay-writing.

If you feel like you need extra practice with your writing and grammar skills, our English 49 + English 100 combination class will set you up for success!  You’ll be taking both classes with the same instructor in what is called a co-requisite model to make sure you get individualized feedback on your work.   When you register for English 49 + 100, be sure to look for the link icon to ensure that you're enrolling in the two classes that belong together.

English 202/Critical Thinking through Composition or English 203/Critical Thinking and Composition through Literature is taken after you complete English 100, and they offer instruction in writing longer, more analytical essays.  Eng 202 focuses on reading non-fiction texts, whereas Eng 203 focuses on reading literature and fiction.  If you have passed the Advanced Placement (AP) exam, then you can start in either English 202 or English 203 (and not start in English 100).

If your first language is not English, you may want to start with ESL classes.  ESL classes provide cultural knowledge and language skills to be successful in college and society.  Palomar College offers high-level ESL classes that can transfer to CSU and UC for general education units.  Please contact us for help deciding whether ESL or English classes are the best fit for you!

Recommended Classes Based on Placement

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