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Information on this page applies ONLY to the Palomar College LIT Program (library studies). Contact Jason Jarvinen in the Cooperative Education Office or Rosie Antonecchia in the Career Center for information about finding or posting a non-library internship.


At Palomar College, internships are referred to as “cooperative education” or “cooperative work experience education.” This program allows our students to experience theory put into practice while developing competencies through supervised on-the-job training related to their
occupational or educational objective. Visit our website for more information about Palomar’s Library & Information Technology Program.

Posting An Internship Job

At Palomar’s discretion, we list discipline-appropriate internship opportunities for our students on our website. If you would like us to include your site, send the following information to the LIT Internship Coordinator:

  • exact name of your site (school, institution, business, etc.)
  • address
  • primary Contact information (name, phone, email, or any other contact). This should be the person whom the student must contact for information about and to set up the internship
  • brief description of what the intern will do
  • specify if the position will be a paid or non-paid (volunteer) internship; If it is paid, you may also include the pay rate but are not required to list it here
  • any other pertinent information.

Setting Up An Internship

Students interested in interning at your site will contact you, and you would then make arrangements directly with them,
including interviewing, hiring, and fulfilling any requirements your site has for paid or unpaid workers (such as filling out
an application, getting a background check, etc.).

Please note that students must work a minimum required number of hours for their internship during the semester enrolled in order to receive college credit. The number of hours depends on the number of units and whether they are paid or unpaid for the internship.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they are scheduled for and complete the required number of hours in order to receive credit.

Employer Duties

Prior to, or shortly after, the start of the internship, the student and site supervisor will identify 3 learning objectives that the student must fulfill during the course of the internship in order to receive college credit. At the end of the internship, they will meet to verify the objectives were met.

The supervisor will also rate the student’s performance, and recommend a grade. This recommendation and assessment will be considered in the actual grade assigned by the Cooperative Education Instructor. The only other requirements for the site supervisor are to sign the student’s internship timesheet at the end of each month (the student will provide these), and to meet with the Cooperative Education Instructor once during the semester  (the instructor will contact you).

Additional Information

  • For examples of library internship postings, review the current opportunities.
  • Palomar College does not guarantee that students will be accepted for an internship with any of the employers listed on our website.
  • Palomar College does not guarantee that employers on our website will get interns from our program.
  • Palomar College does not provide any monetary compensation for internship employers, supervisors, or students.
  • Palomar College is not involved in any other way with the placement, hiring, or employment of its students who perform paid or unpaid internships at non-Palomar College work sites for their cooperative education experience/internship.
  • Beginning Spring 2019, employers must complete and submit an Internship Affiliation Agreement. To obtain this form and for more information, contact the Cooperative Education office.
  • Per California Education Code 78249, students who are enrolled in cooperative work experience education (CE 100 or CE 150) through Palomar College and are not getting paid for these services by their internship employer are covered by Palomar Community College District’s worker’s compensation/liability insurance outside of the classroom. Contact the  Cooperative Education Department for more information.

Contact Us

Contact the LIT Internship Coordinator to list an internship job with Palomar College Library & Information Technology Program or for more information about the program and employer requirements.

Tamara Weintraub, MLS
Professor & Internship Coordinator for
Library & Information Technology
Email (preferred contact): 
Tel.: 760-744-1150 x2967 

NON-Library INTERNSHIPS: Contact Jason Jarvinen in the Cooperative Education Office or Rosie Antonecchia in the Career Center for information about finding or posting non-library internships.