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Course Reserves Scanning Request Policy


  • The Palomar College Library can scan a limited number of pages from textbooks if there is no alternate means of acquiring  a library copy of the textbook in electronic format.
  • We can do so for textbooks already held in our San Marcos Collection. If our San Marcos Library does not own a copy of your textbook, we can use a copy that you provide and will return it to you after scanning has been completed.
    • To request scanning of a personal copy of the textbook, please email the Library at with that information. We will contact you directly within 2 business days to arrange for delivery of your personal copy and  for return of the item.
  • The scanned portion of the textbook is intended for the students to use before the students purchase or rent their textbook.
  • The scanned textbook should be posted in Instructor Canvas shells and be available only for students currently enrolled in those class sections.

Scanning Amount

Option 1: The library can scan first two week’s reading, or 10% of the textbook, whichever is greater.

Option 2: If you need more than the above amount scanned, please complete a Fair Use Assessment form. Use the Comments section of the request form to include a link to your completed form (our form does not currently allow file attachments).

Turnaround and Delivery

  • All scanned materials will be emailed to your Palomar College email.
  • We’ll need 48 to 72 hours to fulfill your request.
  • Requests are not filled on weekends, non-instructional days, nor holidays.

Making your Request

Use the form below to complete your request by providing the following information

Course Reserves Scanning Request Form

  • Please provide an email address you use regularly.
  • Please provide a phone number you use regularly
  • e.g. English Composition e.g. College Algebra
  • e.g. ENG100 e.g. MATH 110
  • Type the title and subtitle of the textbook you would like scanned.
  • Include names of all authors for the textbook you would like scanned
  • Provide the Year of publication OR Copyright Date
  • Provide the edition, if any for the textbook.
  • Maximum amount requested should not be more than the first two weeks of reading or 10% of the book
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please add additional details we might need to fulfill your scanning request. If you are requesting we scan more than the 10% of the textbook, please provide a link to your completed Fair Use assessment document.

Materials Request

Spring Semester ends May 28, 2022

Summer Semester!
May 31, 2022 ends August 20, 2022

Library Hours

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