Welcome to the Information Literacy Dashboard

The Information Literacy Dashboard is a set of interactive modules designed to teach students how to use information ethically and accurately. Palomar students can take the workshops whenever they want to and Palomar Faculty can assign the modules as homework or extra credit.  Click on Information Literacy Course in Canvas to self-enroll.  Self-enrolling will add the course to your Canvas site and is totally FREE!

Note: As of Summer 2024, we have ended the RefWorks Module.

  • Getting Started
  • Module 1: The Research Process
  • Module 2: Synthesizing and Presenting Information
  • Module 3: Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
  • Module 4: Annotated Bibliographies
  • Module 5: Cite Right with MLA
  • Module 6: Cite Right with APA
  • Module 7: Cite Right with Chicago
  • Module 8: Evaluating Information
  • Module 9: Sources of Information, Plus How to Read Them
  • Module 10: Fact-checking Strategies

For Faculty looking for more information about assigning the Dashboard workshops, please click on Faculty in the page menu.

If you have questions or feedback about Dashboard, please email Alexandra Doyle Bauer at adoylebauer@palomar.edu!

Enjoy the road and research responsibly,

Palomar College Dashboard Team

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