Library Faculty and Staff Directory

Phone Numbers, unless otherwise specified, are 760-744-1150 + ext.

Full time Faculty 

Cunningham, April Instruction LibrarianLRC 424/ x3696
Doyle Bauer, AlexOutreach LibrarianLRC 421/ x2669
Farrell, KatyEscondido Center (EJA) LibrarianESC 200B / x3640
Forney, MarleneSystems & Technology Librarian LRC 115 / x3695Web
Martin, Tim Dept. Co-chair, Fallbrook Center LibrarianLRC 418A/ x8660
Morrow, Linda Public Services LibrarianLRC 114/ x2617
Templo-Capule, Marie Dept. Co-chair, Subscriptions LibrarianLRC 425 / x2941
Weintraub, TamaraRancho Bernardo Center LibrarianLRC 112H/ x2967
Zou, BenhuiTechnical Services LibrarianLRC 423 / x2618

Part time Faculty 

Ganguli, Victoria Part-Time FacultyLRC 112G / x 5488
Lorge, AmandaPart-Time FacultyLRC 418B / x2616
McDowell, Connie Part-Time FacultyESC 200 / x8213
McNamara, Keri Part-Time FacultyLRC 112D / x3237
Nucci, Sara Part-Time FacultyLRC 418B / x5209
Weitman-Gervais, AlisonPart-Time FacultyESC 200 / x8229

Wharton, Karen
Part-Time FacultyLRC / x5168

Supervisory and Administrative Staff

Maue, Cerise Academic Department Assistant (ADA)- Library and Information Technology (LIT) ProgramH-201J / x2405

Classified Staff

Cuibus, Michael Senior Library Technician LRC 112B/ x3232
Diego Schmidt, Monica Senior Library Technician SEC-425 / x6618
Franson, Lisa Senior Library Technician LRC 320C / x2622
Loredo Estrada, RubySenior Library TechnicianLRC 112C/ x2724
McNamara, Keri Senior Library Technician LRC 112D / x3237
Saldivar, Maria Senior Library TechnicianESC 200/ x2611
Stephan, AnneSenior Library Technician LRC 112E / x3231
Wanta, DanielSenior Library Technician FEC-K01 / x8679