Library Printing Options


Printing is available from all library computers. Black and white printouts cost 10 cents per page and color ones 30 cents per page. Payment can be made using the netZcore utility (formerly known as GoPrint). All enrolled students are provided with a 10 cent balance  to establish their netZcore accounts. These printing directions can help you work through the online steps for printing. Funds can be added to the accounts using a credit or debit card from the computer being used. You can add funds to netZcore with the ‘How to Add Funds …‘ directions.

In addition there are also charging stations that can be used to add funds to netZcore using paper money or cards. 

*San Marcos* The station is located across from the Reference Desk.
*Escondido Center* The station is located in the Student Services area near the Main Entrance.
*Fallbrook Center* The station is located in the Student Services Center, Building A
*Rancho Bernardo Center* The station is located on the 1st floor in the Student Services Area. 

Copying / Scanning

While photocopiers are not available for student use, those wanting to copy pages from Reserve items or their own materials can use our book scanner to save ‘copies’ of the items as files on a USB device (flash drive).  The scanner is located near the Reference Desk (at the LRC and the Escondido Center). Library users can open the saved files from the USBs using library computers and print them using the netZcore utility. The same costs apply for black and white or color printouts.

*Escondido  Center* A photocopier is available to make both black and white and color copies using cash (i.e. cost is 10 cents and 30 cents as per printing)
*Fallbrook and Rancho Bernardo Centers* Check with staff for scanning options 

 Wireless Printing

Students visiting the library can now submit black and white or color print requests via from their own devices when connected to the Palomar Guest wireless system! The Information Services (IS) department manages this ‘cloud printing’ BYOD- Bring your Own Device’ option. IS provides directions about it from their Technology Help For Students page. Details about the new option are found at  ‘How to Use the student netZcore‘. Those who are familiar with the system can go directly to the logon page and submit their requests. You must finalize the printing from the release station in the library (or any district networked printer). Additional information about releasing print jobs is provided at  ‘How to Print using … netZcore‘.  

Print from Home (updated June 22, 2022)

The new cloud printing option (BYOD) option also allows enrolled students to send print requests from their homes (or other off campus  locations) and then obtain their printouts from networked Palomar printers. Students can ‘pick up’ the printouts by using a release station for a networked printer at any of the 4 college locations. Dedicated printers or plotters in labs or classrooms are not available for the BYOD printing option. Access to this service is via the Palomar College Cloud Printing link. The ‘How to Use the student netZcore‘ instructions explain the print from home option.  This option allows you to select black and white (10¢) or color (30¢) printing. Note- Ignore the Fallbrook Campus Library / TLC option.

As with using wireless printing you must finalize the printing from the release station for a networked printer. The closest networked printers for our libraries are as listed below: 

*San Marcos* Library 1st floor -LRC 117 
*Escondido Center* Student Services area near the Main Entrance.
*Fallbrook Center* Library – Building K01
*Rancho Bernardo Center* Library – RB424B