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Information on this site applies ONLY to the Palomar College LIT Program (library studies). Contact Jason Jarvinen in the Cooperative Education Office or Rosie Antonecchia in the Career Center for information about finding or posting a non-library internship.

LIT Students! Do you want to . . .

  • Earn college credit for working in a job related to your potential career field?
  • Have the opportunity to earn money while learning (an internship may be paid or unpaid)?
  • Learn what actual work is like in your potential career?
If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then enroll in a Cooperative Education course to do an LIT internship!

NOTE: If you began your LIT studies before Fall 2014,  units earned for Cooperative Education Work Experience (CE 100) or Cooperative Education Internship (CE 150) can be applied to the Electives Group II requirement for a Library and Information Technology AS Degree or Certificate.

What’s Involved

To receive credit for an internship, you must:

  • Find an internship job.
  • Register for a Cooperative Education (CE 100 or CE 150) to get Palomar College credit for your internship.
  • Work your internship and complete a few other requirements during the course .

Follow the steps to set up and complete your internship to earn Palomar

Steps to Set Up Your Internship
  1. Find and set up your internship job before the session starts (full semester or fast track options are available).
  2. Register for CE 100 or CE 150.
  3. Consult the Class Schedule and Cooperative Education website for additional information.
    • Notify Tamara Weintraub, LIT Cooperative Education Coordinator, that you’re planning an internship.
Steps to Complete Your Internship
  1. Attend a 1-hour internship orientation at the start of each session,  where you will receive additional instructions and forms to complete. Orientation dates will be listed in your enrollment confirmation or contact the Cooperative Education Office.
  2. Complete and submit all required course documents and assignments throughout the session, including monthly timesheets and reports. You will receive more information at the internship orientation, but some of this information is available now on the Cooperative Education website.
  3. Meet once at the end of the session with your Cooperative Education instructor.
  4. Work the required minimum number of hours. This depends on the number of units you enroll in and whether the internship is paid or unpaid (volunteer):
  5. 1 unit   =  60 volunteer or 75 paid hours
  6. 2 units = 120 volunteer or 150 paid hours
  7. 3 units = 180 volunteer or 225 paid hours
  8. 4 units = 240 volunteer or 300 paid hours
  • You must work at least the minimum number of hours  to get course credit. Students working less than the minimum required hours will fail the course.
  • Only hours worked during the term enrolled (full-, 12-, or 8-week sessions) will count toward your CE hours. Hours worked before the course start date or after the end date do not count.


  • It is your responsibility to find and arrange your internship.
  • Make sure your internship schedule allows you to work the required minimum number of hours during the semester.
  • Confirm that your internship site supervisor is willing to monitor your progress, including:
    • identify 3 internship learning objectives with you
    • verify the hours you work and sign your timesheet each month
    • meet once with your Cooperative Education instructor
    • complete some other requirements (see LIT Information for Employers).

Available Course Sections

Fall 2021 Full Semester (Aug. 23-Dec. 18)*

Units Register for
Two (2) units:CE 100 Section 70828
Three (3) units:CE 100 Section 70827
Four (4) units:CE 100 Section  72070

Fall 2021 12-Week Session (Sept. 20-Dec. 18)*

Units Register for
Two (2) units :CE 100 Section  72128
Three (3) units :CE 100 Section 72129

Fall 2021 8-Week Fast Track Sessions (Oct. 18-Dec. 18) *

Units Register for
Two (2) units :CE 100 Section  72187

*contact the Cooperative Education Office (see below) for permission codes if desired section is filled, and for the Orientation schedule (will also be listed in your enrollment confirmation after registering)

Contact us for Help

Contact the people listed below, or visit the Cooperative Education Office website for more information about course registration, forms, deadlines, and other internship requirements.  NOTE: For Summer, contact Professor Jarvinen only. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, LIT and CE staff may be contacted only by email or telephone at this time.

Library & Information Technology Dept. Cooperative Education Office
Tamara Weintraub, MLS (she/her/hers)
Professor & Internship Coordinator for
Library & Information Technology
Tel.: 760-744-1150 x2967

Jason Jarvinen
Assistant Professor/Work Experience Coordinator
San Marcos Campus Room P8E*
Tel.: 760-744-1150 x2355
Kat Balouch
Academic Dept. Assistant
San Marcos Campus Room P8D*
Tel.: 760-744-1150 x2354

 Internship Opportunities for Library Students

Contact Jason Jarvinen in the Cooperative Education Office or Rosie Antonecchia in the Career Center for non-library internships.

STUDENTS: If you are interested in an internship listed below, please contact and make arrangements directly with the employer.

EMPLOYERS: Only library-related internships are posted here. To list a library internship, review the  LIT Information for Potential Employers and contact Tamara Weintraub, LIT Cooperative Education Coordinator


  • This is not a comprehensive listing of opportunities available, and is provided as a courtesy to LIT students and potential internship employers. Students wishing to intern at other sites should contact those employers directly.
  • Palomar College does not guarantee that students will be accepted for an internship at any of the sites listed here.
  • Palomar College does not guarantee that employers listed here will get interns from our program.
  • Palomar College does not provide any monetary compensation for internship employers, supervisors, or students.
  • Palomar College is not involved in any other way with the placement, hiring, or employment of its students who perform paid or unpaid internships at non-Palomar College work sites for their cooperative education experience/internship.
  • Beginning Spring 2019, employers must complete and submit an Internship Affiliation Agreement. To obtain this form and for more information, contact the Cooperative Education Department.
  • .Per California Education Code 78249, students who are enrolled in cooperative work experience education (CE 100 or CE 150) through Palomar College and are not getting paid for these services by their cooperative education employer are covered by Palomar Community College District’s worker’s compensation/liability insurance outside of the classroom. Contact the Cooperative Education Department for more information.

Last updated September 7,  2021
Below is a list of just a few sites accepting LIT interns; you may also do your internship at another site of your choosing and . All information below is current as of this date, even if the posting date is older. 
Also view paid jobs posted on the LIT Career Opportunities page – LIT students may concurrently earn internship credit at a regular paid position by enrolling  in a Cooperative Education course and following the requirements for earning internship credit.

Palomar College Library (Updated 5/6/2021)
Contact: Alexandra Doyle Bauer,  Department Co-Chair
Library,  Room LRC 421
1140 W. Mission Rd., San Marcos, CA 92069
760-744-1150 x2669

Assist patrons at the Circulation Desk, learn basics of materials processing, shelve materials using the LC classification system. This is a non-paid internship.

San Diego County Law Library (Posted 5/3/2021)
Contact:  Laurel Moran, J.D., M.L.I.S.
Head of Core Operations
1105 Front St.
San Diego, CA 92101

Opportunities available at the San Diego (downtown Main  Library) and/or the Vista (North County) branches. These are non-paid volunteer assignments that may include some or all of the following tasks: assist with reference, special projects, circulation, membership, materials processing, and archives maintenance.

San Diego Archaeological Center  – Archaeological Library Internship (Updated 5/10/2021)
16666 San Pasqual Valley Road, Escondido, CA 92027-7001
Suzanne Moramarco
Collections/Library Specialist
San Diego Archaeological Center & Museum
(760) 291-0370
SDAC is open Mondays – Saturdays.  Visitors and Volunteers welcomed.

Do you have an interest in history, anthropology or archaeology? Would like to work in a Special Library? Come check out the SDAC Library. Duties of the Internship may include:

  • Accessioning and cataloging new and previously unprocessed books into the library collection
  • Evaluating general condition of the archive
  • Cataloging collection according to standardized SDAC nomenclature
  • Creating a user guide for a particular resource type
  • Observing and learning Center procedures for regular collection inspection, pest control, and monitoring of environmental conditions
  • Providing assistance to Center staff and outside researchers in the use of collections, including access, retrieval, and replacement of library material.

This is an unpaid internship. Volunteers are also welcome. Additional information can be found at

Escondido Public Library (Updated Fall 2018)
Contact: Cookie Allen
Volunteer Coordinator, Escondido Public Library
(760) 839-4819

See volunteer/internship opportunities at

San Diego County Library (Updated 5/6/2021)
Valley Center Branch: Laura Zuckerman, Branch Manager

Opportunities available at all branches throughout San Diego County, These are non-paid volunteer assignments that may include some or all of the following tasks:

1.  Provides courteous, high quality service to members of the public by personally responding to requests for service or appropriate referral on-line, in person, or by telephone.
2.  Assists customers in the use of library facilities materials and community resources.
3.  Uses automated circulation system to charge and discharge library materials, create and edit customer accounts, and maintain accurate inventory records.
4.  Assists customers in the use of library technology including wireless access, computers, printers, self-service equipment, and on-line library resources.
5.  Shelves library materials.
6.  Maintains library facilities by keeping them in an orderly and appealing condition.
7.  Collects and accounts for money using automated cashiering systems or other technology.
8.  Packs and unpacks materials.

San Diego Mesa College – LRC (Updated 8/24/2020)
7250 Mesa College Dr., San Diego, CA 92111-4918
Contact: Alison Steinberg Gurganus
Department Chair
School of Learning Resources and Academic Support
San Diego Mesa College-LRC

  • The emphasis of the assignment is to provide Instructional/technical support to Library instruction classes, Technical Services, Open Educational Resources and Circulation. This non-paid volunteer assignment includes the following tasks:
    • Assist faculty and students in the use of electronic equipment/computers
    • Assist Technical Services Librarian
    • Assist Open Educational Resources Librarian
    • Assist librarians with set up for library orientation sessions
    • Support/assist Instructional Lab Technician with computer updates in classrooms
    • Receive, catalog and file reference materials
    • Maintain and update Reference statistical data
    • Maintain Career Collection and re-shelve books as needed
    • Supply and update library forms
    • Assist patrons at the Circulation Counter
    • Assist in security sweeps at closing (if on evening duty).
  • All interns/volunteers must complete a SDCCD Volunteer form and obtain fingerprint live scan and TB test at their expense.

Zoom for Library Help

Materials Request

Fall Semester 2021
Aug. 23-Dec 18

San Marcos Hours
As of Sept. 13
Mon & Tues 7:30am-11:30am
Wed. & Thur 1:00pm-6:30pm

Mon-Thur 10:00am-9pm
Fri 10:00am-2pm
Sun 6:00-9pm

Closed on these dates!
Labor Day 9/6
Native American Day 9/24
Veterans’ Day 11/11
Thanksgiving 11/22 thru 11/26

760.744.1150 x2612
1140 West Mission Road
San Marcos CA 92069