Student Demographics, Outcomes and Accountability

Institution-Set Standards

Per ACCJC and federal requirements, each institution is asked to set standards for student achievement and assess their performance against these standards. During accreditation reviews, ACCJC will assess quality by evaluating the reasonableness of these institution-set standards and examine the data and analyses, performance and plans for improvement.

2014-15 Institution-Set Standards Reports

2013-14 Institution-Set Standards Reports

2012-13 Institution-Set Standards Reports

Student Success Scorecard

The California Community Colleges Board of Governors has established a performance measurement system that tracks student progress and success at all 112 community colleges. The data measures how well colleges are doing in remedial instruction, job training programs, retention of students and graduation and completion rates.

Palomar Student Success Scorecard Reports

Accountability Reporting for the California Community Colleges (ARCC)

The passage of Assembly Bill 1417 triggered the creation of a performance measurement system for the California Community Colleges. As a result of this legislation, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office designed and implemented a performance measurement system that contained performance indicators for the system and its colleges. The performance indicators are organized into four major categories:

  1. Student Progress & Achievement Degree/Certificate/Transfer
  2. Student Progress & Achievement–Vocational/Occupational/Workforce Development
  3. Pre-Collegiate Improvement – Basic Skills, ESL, & NonCredit
  4. Participation Rates (system-level data only)

2011-12 ARCC Report

2010-11 ARCC Report

2009-10 ARCC Report

2008-9 ARCC Report

2007-8 ARCC Report

2006-7 ARCC Report

1995-2010 Student Right-To-Know Report

A Federally-mandated public disclosure of a college’s completion and transfer rates based on a cohort of first-time freshmen entering during a fall term and who are enrolled full-time and are degree-seeking.

Student Right-to-Know Website