Accessibility Services

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter/ Computer-Aided Real-Time Captioning (CART) Information.


Students requesting ASL Interpreting/CART services should contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC website) or 760-744-1150 x2375.  DRC works with students to arrange appropriate accommodation requests made by students.

Members of the Public

Members of the general public needing ASL Interpreting/CART services to access Palomar-sponsored events shall request an accommodation through the campus organization sponsoring the event at least ten (10) business days prior to the event, if at all possible.  Refer back to the event notice for contact information.


Human Resource Services, with the assistance of the Program Coordinator of Interpreting Services (Interpreter Coordinator/IC), coordinates ASL Interpreting/CART services for Palomar College employees who request assistance in areas of instructional needs, workshop or meeting facilitation, or District-sponsored events.  The following steps will help ensure that ASL Interpreting/CART services are documented (within the Job Accommodation Procedure listed below), communicated, and provided in a timely fashion. These steps ensure equal opportunity for employees with disabilities as well as ensures Palomar College meets its legal obligations.

Semester-long course needs must be requested no less than 2 weeks in advance to secure ASL Interpreter/CART service providers.  Other campus meetings or events require five (5) business days advance notice to secure services.

Begin the request process:

  1. Establish a service need by completing the Employee Accommodation Form, located at Palomar College’s Employee Accommodation website (This process will only need to be completed once, on the original request.).  The employee will be asked to provide written verification of the disability appropriate to the request when submitting the Employee Accommodation Form.  The written verification must be from a medical provider who has knowledge of the employee’s disability and the functional limitations imposed by said disability.
  2. Submit the Employee Accommodation Form to the Benefits Specialist in Human Resource Services.  Make sure to review the Job Accommodation website for other important details. Once the accommodation has been approved by Human Resource Services, no further accommodation form will be required for future ASL Interpreting/CART service requests, unless the disability or accommodation request changes.
  3. Complete and submit the ASL Interpreter/CART Service Agreement.  Agreement should be submitted at least once, prior to the employee’s initial request for ASL Interpreter/CART services.
  4. Complete and submit the ASL Interpreter/CART Service Request Form for each service need.  The Program Coordinator of Interpreting Services will review the request and contact the employee with details regarding the request.


Wendy Corbin, X-2889
Veronica Sadowski, X-3053