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While the Camp Pendleton Education Center (CPPEN) offers a comprehensive set of courses, including General Education classes, Palomar College also provides a set of structured guided pathways. These career pathways, or clusters, define a roadmap for college success by laying out courses semester-by-semester and taking much of the guesswork out of obtaining a degree or certificate.

The Camp Pendleton Education Center offers a variety of academic programs in areas focused on Associates Degrees in Science (AS) in Business Administration for Transfer, as well as a Certificate of Proficiency in EMT-B. Students at our center will be able to complete 100% of the classes associated with these AS degrees and certificates through a combination of face-to-face and online offerings.

By scheduling nearly all classes at the center according to consistent blocks of time, Palomar College hopes to make it easier for busy students to take a number of courses on a Monday/Wednesday OR a Tuesday/Thursday schedule. Other flexible scheduling options may also be available such as meeting one day a week.

The Camp Pendleton Education Center may change academic programs over time based upon demand and popularity of industry trends and gainful employment opportunities.

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