Register for, Add, or Drop a Class

1. Register for Classes

Students are provided a Priority Registration Appointment prior to each term’s registration cycle. You will be sent an email notification about one week prior to registration beginning letting you know your Priority Registration Appointment date has been set. Instructions for finding your appointment time are here.

2. Prepare

  • Find your Registration Appointment time in MyPalomar.
  • Check MyPalomar for any “Holds” you may have on file.
  • Review your Ed Plan in MyPalomar.
  • Use the Palomar Pathways Mapper.
  • Begin to select your classes and place them in your “Shopping Cart” in MyPalomar.

3. Register

  • Register on your Priority Registration Appointment date (or as soon as possible) to get the best selection of classes.
  • Go to MyPalomar to register for courses.
  • Use the class schedule to find open classes. Attend a registration help session to get assistance when registering for classes.

Registration Resources