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Our Mission:

The mission of Palomar College’s Camp Pendleton Site is to serve the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base by delivering quality instruction and student support services. We are committed to supporting our students so they are effective and empowered learners prepared for the workforce by enabling them to succeed in basic skills, general education, transfer-readiness, and career and technical training. We strive to provide equitable educational opportunities to our diverse student population comprised of active duty military personnel, veterans, their families, and other members of the base community.


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United States Marine Corps

If you are taking classes on base or transporting someone to/from their class, you will need to request a Base Pass in order to access Camp Pendleton.

YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ACCESS THE BASE if you do not have valid DBIDS pass/credentials, valid sponsorship, or vetted military credentials.

If you need base access, contact us at:

(760) 744-1150, Ext. 7818, or email us at CPPEN@Palomar.edu

For more details, or to complete the base access request form, visit Base Access-Civilian Students

Faculty, please visit the Faculty Information page, or contact Yvette Maynard for more information.


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MyPalomar Student Email Springboard

Palomar College is implementing Microsoft Office 365 for our students.  MSOffice 365 is FREE if you’re enrolled at Palomar College, and includes online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook (for college email); plus, you’ll receive 1TB cloud storage using OneDrive.

You receive a college email address upon admission to Palomar College.  The email address format is:


You can find your email address on the Springboard in your MyPalomar account.

When accessing your email, type your full email address to login (username@student.palomar.edu).  Your password is the same password that you use to access MyPalomar.

Click here to login to MS Office 365 and access your student email.

For easy access to your Palomar student email on your cellphone, go to the App Store, download Outlook and then enter your Palomar student email address and password (find it on the Springboard in your MyPalomar account).

Students are expected to use their student.palomar.edu email address to communicate with Palomar College faculty, staff and college service areas.

All official Palomar College communication including information regarding billing, financial aid, college updates and other correspondence is directed to your student.palomar.edu email address.  You should check your student.palomar.edu email account regularly to keep the account active, even if you set up automatic forwarding to another account.

For assistance, please call the Palomar College Information Services Help Desk at 760-744-1150 ext. 2140 or dial direct using 760-891-7140.

Last modified on October 3, 2023

Preparing for Your Online Class with Canvas & Zoom?

Log Into Canvas

Canvas Login (Single Sign-On) uses your Palomar email address (for example, username@student.palomar.edu) and the email password (the same password that students use to access MyPalomar).

For students, the first time you use Canvas Login (Single Sign-On) you will be prompted to create a CCCID (California Community Colleges System-wide ID). The CCCID process only needs to be completed once and takes just a few minutes.

For detailed instructions, review the Canvas Login Procedure Guide and the Canvas Information for Students. For assistance, please call the Palomar College Information Services Help Desk at 760-744-1150 ext. 2140 or email helpdesk@palomar.edu

Academic Skills Program

The Camp Pendleton Base Education Center and Palomar College have teamed up to provide this 30-day TAD educational program! The program is open to all active duty enlisted personnel, dependents, and civilians who are interested in improving their English and Math skills.  Classes are limited to approximately 30 students per session and are held at the Base Education Center (BEC), Bldg 1331, Monday through Friday, 0730 – 1600 for four weeks.  Once students finish the course, they should see an improvement in their basic skills in English and Math and should be more competitive in today’s military and civilian job markets.

The Academic Skills Program is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all active-duty military students who want to use tuition assistance for the first time and could use a Math and English refresher. Many campuses assume that basic skills are in place and remedial/refresher courses are not offered as separate classes. This noncredit class is open to the public. Priority and guaranteed admission are given to active-duty service members holding a GT score of 99 or less.

What Makes the Academic Skills Program Great? Ask its Founder!

Robert Mifflin has been one of our instructors for the Academic Skills Program (ASP) since he designed the math side of the class in 2005. His background includes generating hardware, software, and System on Chip designs for over 30 companies as a consultant. He holds a BSEE from UCI, MS in Bioengineering from UCSD, and worked on a Doctorate in materials for micro/nanosystems in a DNA lab. When asked how he landed at Palomar his reply was “pure serendipity”.

“I had enrolled as a Palomar student to refresh my Calculus skills before going back to graduate school. In addition to consulting and school, I volunteered to tutor math and science for Marines. One fine day I stopped to check in with my wonderful wife (a full-time math instructor at Palomar) at her office. She received a phone call while I was standing there and handed me the phone – which was a wee bit odd. It was from the Camp Pendleton BEC. They were trying to track down the volunteer “math guy” as they wanted him to set up a math program.

I have always enjoyed moving the world forward by designing devices and systems to improve the world. This was a new opportunity to reach 20 to 30 Marines at a time and the potential to change lives through a better understanding of math while I was prepping for grad school. I was fortunate in that I had access to first-class math instructors at Palomar to gather their best techniques. I then used the UCSD library to access research journals on optimal techniques for transferring knowledge to my students. In a typical class, we cover the complete Aufmann pre-algebra book in 2 to 3 weeks and then use the remaining time for tests and review.

This format works because Marines are constantly training as a way of life in their MOS. They are willing to work hard, execute assignments, and set aside their previous math experience while embracing new techniques. They are the absolute best students which makes the teaching fun.”

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