PT Faculty Workroom & Offices

The Part-Time (PT) Faculty Workroom is located in the Natural Sciences Building

(Room NS-153 on the first floor)

The part-time faculty workroom provides you with almost every tool/resource you may need to assist you in a successful semester.

Services and Equipment Available:

  • Computer Workstations (PC and Mac)
  • Printer
  • Scan Documents
  • Wireless Connection for Laptops (Instructions for Connecting to Palomar’s WiFi Network)
  • Faculty/Student Conference Space
  • Scantron Machine
  • FAX Machine
  • Telephones
  • Private Offices for use by PT faculty to hold Office Hours/Student Conferences

Private Offices

There are several private offices available in the workroom for PT faculty to reserve: NS-153A, NS-153B, or NS-153C.  This provides our PT faculty with a place to hold office hours to meet with students.

To reserve time in one of the offices, simply go to the workroom and sign up for hours in the “Part-Time Office Hours Reservation Book”.

Room reservations can be made 6 weeks in advance.

Please note: Students are not allowed to wait inside the Faculty Workroom

  • If you are to meet with student(s), ask your students to wait outside the Faculty Workroom Door. You can escort your student(s) to the conference room you have reserved.  Please limit to 2 students at a time. Close the conference room door to keep the workroom quiet for other faculty working. Note: Rooms are not to be locked.

PT faculty can be paid for several office hours based on instructional load, visit this page for more information: Part Time Faculty Resources

If the Workroom is not open during posted hours, please have your Palomar Employee ID with you and contact Facilities