Microtrainings are short and quick format trainings that we are promoting to get you on your way fast. Please dive deep into the current resources we have on this site, there will be many more coming!

Preventing Disruptive Behavior in your Zoom Meetings

Want to know how to protect your zoom accounts against bad actors? CCCTechConnect has created a Microtraining  to aid employees in managing their Zoom rooms and meetings to diminish the potential for disruptive behavior to interfere with the wonderful content that is being presented.
Preventing Disruptive Behavior in Zoom Meetings (Click Here to Download a Copy)

The Name Pronunciation Project

The Name Pronunciation Project is designed to assist members of the Palomar community in pronunciation of the names of anyone we interact with, be them faculty, staff or students. Join our various professors from the World Languages Department and English as a Second Language as they lead us in a Microtraining of their specific language focus. We also have an introduction to this project from our Superintendent/President Dr. Star Rivera-Lacey as she shares about the importance of correct pronunciation and how this expands inclusivity by respecting peoples identity. You can view all of the trainings by clicking here.

Grading and Enrollment Faculty Issues

The following Microtrainings bring together faculty, counselors and enrollment services together to tackle issues that face all faculty both at the start of the semester with Census certification, as well as end of semester considerations with all possible grading options offered at Palomar.

Attendance and Online Active Participation

Grading • F vs FW vs EW

Mitigating Enrollment Fraud

Accessibility, Access and Equity: Helping our DRC population

Professional Development continues to forge ahead in our support of Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, Accessibility, and Antiracism (DEIAA) efforts at Palomar. We have a few resources available that focus on engaging in Accessibility throughout all the spaces of the College. In collaboration with our great DRC faculty and staff, please engage with the following very meaningful microtraings.

Systemic Ableism and How Combat/Dismantle It • Dr. Amanda Kraus

During our Fall Flex Week were joined by Dr. Amanda Kraus. She led us in an interactive workshop to explore ableism in contemporary student affairs practice and offer strategies to create and contribute to more equitable and universally-designed services. We reviewed models of disability, concepts of ableism and disableism, and universal design and apply to a wide range of student services.

 Learn the What, Why, and How of testing accommodations in Canvas

Explore a series of three Microtrainings that cover the reasons for and why accommodations are necessary in Canvas, culminating with the “how” to accomplish this.

  • The What of Accommodations in Canvas: What is the instructor’s role in ensuring equity and access for students with disabilities.  An Instructor’s Perspective – Barbara Hammons and Sean Figg
  • The Why of Accommodations: Why applying accommodations to exams in a timely manner matters for students with disabilities! A Student Perspective: – Xochitl Dybbro
  • The How of Applying Accommodations to Quizzes and Exams in Canvas for Students with Disabilities:  Learn from the Canvas Guru, David Gray

The What of Accommodations in Canvas

The Why of Accommodations 

The How of Applying Accommodations to Quizzes and Exams in Canvas for Students with Disabilities