PD Plan and Annual Survey

The Professional Development Committee oversees the annual PD Plan and Annual Survey.  Beginning in 2017, the PD Plan and Annual Survey were combined into one plan to allow for the plan to be driven by the responses collected in the annual survey.  The PD Plan is a living document throughout the year that is used for planning  and reporting of outcomes.


  • April:  Launch PD Annual Survey
    • 2 main purposes:
      • 1.) Identify the training needs of our employees to implement the following year.
      • 2.) Collect overall feedback about the PD program to identify our strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • May:  Beginning drafting the follow year PD Plan
    • Include the training needs from the survey in the PD Plan to ensure we are meeting the needs of our employees.
  • July-September:  Close-out the previous year PD Plan
    • Provide outcomes to the PD offerings and feedback from the college about the program
    • Note: The Previous year PD Plan cannot be closed out until after June 30th to be able to pull annual data based on the fiscal year.
  • September-May:  Continually refer back to the PD Plan to update with outcomes

PD Plans (Inclusive of Annual Survey Results)

2020-2021 Professional Development Plan 

2019-2020 Professional Development Plan

2018-2019 Professional Development Plan

2017-2018 Professional Development Plan

2017 PD Manual (the information in the previous PD Manual has been integrated into the new PD plan and the PD Portal guide)