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  • After the passing of AB2558, Palomar College began discussions about how to transition our Professional Development Program from a program for faculty to a program for all employees.
  • A proposed transition was presented to campus governance (View our Proposal for a College-Wide PD Program).
  • The former Professional Development Advisory Board consisting of only Faculty was replaced by the Professional Development Committee (PDC) consisting of representation from all employee groups.
  • The campus previously used an electronic process for tracking PD that was a customized program in our PeopleSoft Student module.  We recognized the need for a more robust program to scale-up or electronic process for a college-wide program.
  • The PDC reviewed MyLearningPlan (Frontline Technologies), Enterprise Learning Management (Oracle/PeopleSoft product), and Cornerstone On Demand.  The PDC chose Cornerstone On Demand.
  • We began implementation on June 5th and launched for User Acceptance Training August 7th and to the campus on August 10th.  This was a VERY tight timeline, but we did it! Yay!
  • We launched our newly re-branded college-wide PD program in the Fall 2017 using Cornerstone On Demand.
  • As part of the implementation process we worked closely with CCCTechConnect and the Professional Learning Network (PLN) to integrate the PLN content (Lynda and SkillSoft) into Cornerstone. The main problem we had with the original PLN was that it did not provide a means for colleges to track Flex hours as required by Title 5.
  • CCCTechConnect quickly realized the potential of Cornerstone On Demand to both provide content to the CCC system and also provide a means for local colleges to be able to offer, track, and report on the learning of their employees.
  • The CCCTechConnect team began working with the Chancellor’s Office to discuss the possibility of transitioning the PLN website to Cornerstone On Demand which led to what was called the PLN 3.0.
  • By summer 2018 there were over 20 schools interested in implementing their own local portal within Cornerstone.
  • In August 2018 the Chancellor’s Office fully committed to the project and re-branded the Professional Learning Network as the Vision Resource Center.
  • All CCC employees have access to use the Vision Resource Center and now all Colleges can  request to have their own portal with the Vision Resource Center for FREE!
  • The new Vision Resource Center provides local tracking and reporting for colleges while also allowing for employees of local colleges to access the PD training provided by the state.
  • By being connected in one system, the new Vision Resource Center also provides a tool to allow for colleagues from across the system to learn together, share information, and collaborate.

In the News!

Are you interested in using Cornerstone at your school?

If so, I am sure you have numerous questions.  Please review the following link for short presentations with graphics and embedded videos that answer Frequently Asked Questions about Cornerstone.

Demos are being scheduled by the Foundation for California Community Colleges.  You should be receiving emails with information and registration information.  If you have not received the email please let me know and I can help!

WATCH A DEMO!  If you would like to watch a previous Integration Demo, please check out the webinar from June 11th, 2019.

Vision Resource Center Integration Demo


If you have additional questions, please email me at or leave a comment below.

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