Grant Development and Approval


Palomar College has been awarded several grants and continues to pursue grant funding to secure resources that will enhance the student experience and maximize student success. With the wide array of grant foci and opportunity, the College designed a streamlines process for grant proposals and approvals

    • help the college organize, prioritize and track proposals and grants;
    • notify all potentially impacted college departments of resources needed;
    • maintain a record of all proposed Grants submitted for Palomar College in one place; and
    • manage grant resources more efficiently and effectively.


Step 1: Gather Project Information

Consider who will be involved with your project and what information and data is required by the grant. Pay special attention to the details listed in the grant, as great proposals may be denied for not meeting all of the required criteria.

Step 2: Submit Intent to Apply Form

Complete and submit the Intent to Apply for a Grant form by clicking on the form icon.

Step 3: Approvals

Upon submission, the form will will automatically be routed for approval to the dean/director listed on the form. Email updates will be provided to the applicant(s) throughout the approval process. If a grant application is denied, please contact the approver to discuss how to proceed.

If you need help or have any questions, please call Institutional Research and Planning at ext. 2360.








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