Grant Development and Management


IRP&G seeks to provide leadership in planning for and securing external grant funding to advance the college’s mission and strategic priorities. More specifically, the objectives are to:

  • Actively seek funding opportunities to support the College’s strategic initiatives.
  • Support faculty and staff in their pursuit of external discretionary funding for qualified projects.
  • Monitor competitive grant-funded projects and subawards so that issues related to compliance with grantor’s terms, college policies, and applicable federal and state regulations can be addressed.

Grant Development and Management Resources

  • Intent to Apply
    • Faculty and Staff interested in applying for a grant must first complete an Intent to Apply Form before proceeding with a grant application, as per AP 3280.
    • Completed forms are to be sent to Pauline Moroz, Grants Manager.
  • Grant Development and Management Handbook (Pending updates)
  • Glossary of Grant Related Terms and Acronyms (coming soon)
  • BP 3280 Grants
  • AP 3280 Grants

Grant Development and Management Life Cycle

5 Step Grant Life Cycle:
Step 1: Identify Need: Develop Project Ideas <--> Funding Source --> Eligibility Check --> Intent to Apply --> Approval to Proceed
Step 2: Develop Proposal: Establish Grant Team --> Application Research & Writing --> Budget Approval --> Prepare for Submission --> Approval to Submit --> Submit
Step 3: Award: Award Notification --> Board Approval --> Grant Start Up --> Training
Post Award
Step 4: Implementation: Grant Start-Up -->Award Execution <--> Compliance Review <--> Impact Reporting
Step 5: Close Out: Funder Final Reporting --> Fiscal Review <--> Evaluation --> Final Internal Report