Chapter 3: General Institution

District Policies

BP 3000 Antiracism

BP 3050 Institutional Code of Ethics

BP 3100 Organizational Structure

BP 3200 Accreditation

BP 3225 Institutional Effectiveness

BP 3250 Institutional Planning

BP 3260 Legal Opinions/Assistance

BP 3280 Grants

BP 3300 Public Records

BP 3310 Records Retention and Destruction

BP 3410 Nondiscrimination

BP 3420 Equal Employment Opportunity

BP 3430 Prohibition of Harassment

BP 3433 Prohibition of Sexual Harassment under Title IX

BP 3440 Service Animals

BP 3500 Campus Safety

BP 3502 Campus Security and Access

BP 3505 Emergency Response Plan

BP 3510 Workplace Violence

BP 3515 Reporting of Crimes

BP 3518 Child Abuse Reporting

BP 3520 Local Law Enforcement

BP 3530 Weapons on Campus

BP 3540 Sexual Assaults on Campus

BP 3550 Drug Free Environment and Drug Prevention Program

BP 3560 Alcoholic Beverages

BP 3570 Smoking and/or Other Tobacco Use

BP 3580 Animals on Campus

BP 3600 Auxiliary Organizations

BP 3710 Securing of Copyright

BP 3715 Intellectual Property

BP 3720 Computer and Network Use

BP 3725 Information Communications Technology Accessibility Acceptable Use

BP 3810 Claims Against the District

BP 3820 Gifts, Donations, and Bequests

BP 3830 Naming of Facilities

BP 3900 Speech: Time, Place, & Manner

BP 3950 News Media

Administrative Procedures

AP 3000 Antiracism

AP 3100 Organizational Structure

AP 3200 Accreditation

AP 3225 Institutional Effectiveness

AP 3250  Institutional Planning

AP 3280 Grants

AP 3300 Public Records

AP 3310 Records Retention and Destruction

AP 3415 Immigration Enforcement Activities

AP 3420 Equal Employment Opportunity

AP 3430 Prohibition of Harassment

AP 3433 Prohibition of Sexual Harassment under Title IX

AP 3434 Responding to Harassment Based on Sex under Title IX

AP 3435 Discrimination and Harassment Investigations and Training

AP 3440 Service Animals

AP 3500 Campus Safety

AP 3501 Skateboards, Roller Blades, & Similar Devices

AP 3502 Campus Security and Access

AP 3505: Emergency Response Plan

AP 3510 Workplace Violence

AP 3515: Reporting of Crimes

AP 3516 Registered Sex Offender Information

AP 3518: Child Abuse Reporting

AP 3520 Local Law Enforcement

AP 3530: Weapons on Campus

AP 3540 Sexual Assaults on Campus

AP 3550 Drug Free Environment and Drug Prevention Program

AP 3560 Alcoholic Beverages

AP 3710 Securing of Copyright

AP 3715 Intellectual Property

AP 3720 Computer and Network Use

AP 3725 Accessibility of Electronic and Information Technology & Acceptable Use

AP 3750 Use of Copyrighted Material

AP 3810 Claims Against the District

AP 3820 Gifts, Donations, and Bequests

AP 3830 Naming of Facilities

AP 3900 Speech: Time, Place, and Manner