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Discounted Transportation Passes for Students

Monthly passes are now available for purchase in person and online through your MyPalomar Account. The monthly pass costs $57.60 and includes unlimited rides on MTS buses, MTS Trolley, Breeze buses, and the Sprinter. The pass does not cover the MTS Rapid or Premium bus routes or the Coaster.  

For online purchases, student will download the Pronto app and finalize payment for the pass through the link on their MyPalomar account. The student will be contacted by the Cashier’s Office within one business day to verify that the pass is valid and ready to be used. Passes are not valid until contacted by Cashier’s Office staff. Instructions on the entire purchase process can be found here.

Students qualifying for EOPS should reach out to the EOPS office for instructions on receiving their monthly pass.

Students are required to have the current term Student Activity Card in order to purchase a pass. Students are advised that they should carry their Student Activity Card with them anytime they are riding with MTS to prove, if asked, that they are a Palomar College Student. More information about the benefits of the Student Activity Card can be found here. We recommend purchasing the Student Activity Card through the Firefox web browser.

Available Dates

  • Previously purchased Semester Passes are valid through June 6th.
  • Monthly Passes will be available beginning with the March monthly pass.

How to Purchase

  • Semester Passes- Semester Passes are no longer available at this time.
  • Monthly Passes- Monthly Passes can now be purchased in person or online through your MyPalomar account. In person, passes can be purchased starting the 20th of the previous month through the 19th of the current month. The online purchase dates vary and account for holidays and weekends so please pay attention to the valid dates when purchasing the pass online. Instructions can be found here. Please note that Pronto passes are not valid until student has been contacted by the Cashier’s Office staff.

Costs and How to Pay

  • Monthly Pass- $57.60 (once per month)- students can purchase online using Credit or Debit Card or in person using using credit, debit, check or money order.
  • Current Term Student Activity Card (once per semester)- $15

Please Note

Once purchasing the Pronto Semester Pass online, the student will be contacted by the Cashier’s Office staff to confirm that their pass has been loaded to their account. Passes are not valid until contacted by Cashier’s Office Staff.  Passes loaded onto the Pronto Pass at Palomar College are only valid for MTS Buses, MTS Trolleys, , Breeze Buses, and the Sprinter. The Coaster, MTS Rapid Buses, and other Premium Bus Routes are not covered with this pass.

Instructions on Downloading the App can be found here.

Updated 3/8/22 CS

Per the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Palomar College and Metropolitan Transit System, Pronto sales are restricted to Palomar College students only at this time.

Heather A. Sutton, Administrative Specialist II

Vacant, Accounting Manager

Brandi Y. Taveuveu, Budget and Payroll Manager

Cassandra Stone, Student Accounts & Cashiering Manager