MTS Pronto Pass- Discounted Transit Passes for Students

Palomar College students are eligible for a discounted Pronto pass through MTS. Discounted passes can be purchased online through the MyPalomar account or in person at the San Marcos Cashier’s Office. Students are required to have a current semester Student Activity Card in order to purchase the Pronto Pass. Please see below for important information including sale dates and availability.

Monthly Pronto Pass- Monthly Pronto Passes and are always available for purchase in person at the San Marcos Cashier’s Office. At this time, the Monthly Pronto Pass is also available online through the Student Center. The cost for the monthly pass is $57.60. Passes go on sale the 20th of the previous month through the 19th of the pass month. For example, October passes are on sale from September 20th through October 19th. Transit pass would only be valid for the month of October.

Semester Pronto Pass- Semester Passes are available for the Fall and Spring semesters only.


Online Purchase Instructions- Once you have purchased or received a Student Activity Card, you can select the MTS Transit Pass Link under the “Financials” Menu on your MyPalomar Dashboard. If you have not purchased or been authorized to receive an Activity Card, you will be unable to access the MTS Transit Pass link. Palomar College can upload Pronto passes to a physical Pronto card (not reduced rate card) or the Pronto App. For instructions on downloading the Pronto App and completing the purchase online, click here.

Please note:

  • When purchasing a Pronto pass online, your pass will be uploaded to your account the following business day. Passes are not valid until you have been contacted by Cashier’s Office Staff.
  • Once activated, Pronto passes cannot be refunded

Updated 5/2/24 CS

Per the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Palomar College and Metropolitan Transit System, Pronto sales are restricted to Palomar College students only at this time.