Accounts Payable Forms & Documents

All payment previously made by Payment Vouchers are to be done via the “Payment Request” function unless directed by the AP department

Payment forms/information:

Missing Receipt Affidavit

Creating a “Payment Request”

Payment Voucher form FY22-23 – Only allowable when directed by AP department (Use for service or goods performed or rendered on or after July 1, 2021)

IRS Form W9 – required for all new vendors

Travel Reimbursement Claim Forms

Request for Telecommuting Supplies

Lost check/check re issuance:

Request to Void Check

Affidavit to Stop Payment – Cal Grant or Federal

Lost 76 series Check Affidavit

Petitions for Stale Dated 76 series Checks

Other information/forms:

Agreement for Service of Independent Contractor – Honorarium Services

CCCO Equipment vs Supplies

FAS 19-02 Guidelines for Prop 20 Lottery Funding for Instructional Materials