Nelnet Payment Plans

Palomar College is pleased to partner with Nelnet Campus Commerce to offer Current Term and Past Due Payment Plans!

Current Term Payment Plans

Current term payment plans are available for current or upcoming terms. These payment plans are available the first day of registration for a new term and can be accessed through your MyPalomar Student Center. The cost to enroll in these plans is $25 and is non-refundable. A minimum balance of $100 is required to enroll in the Current Term Payment Plan. Students must pay their balance or sign up for a payment plan at the time of enrollment to avoid the risk of being being dropped for non-payment.

Once enrolled in the Current term payment plan, you can add, drop, or change your courses and the payment plan balance will adjust accordingly. If classes are added, the balance of said class will be spread across all remaining payment plan payments. If classes are dropped, the balance of each remaining payment will be reduced.

If student drops all classes within the refund period, the payment plan will be cancelled. Any payments will be refunded back to you via check. Please note- payments are authorized three days prior to payment due date. If payment plan is cancelled within three days of the next payment date, that payment will pull from your bank account or credit card.

Note: Students wishing to designate a parent or other authorized payer on the payment plan can click on the “Want to designate another payer?” within the payment plan setup screen and complete the steps to do so.

For more information on the Current Term Payment Plan, please visit the Nelnet website

Para mas información sobre el plan de pagó en español, por favor visita la página: Nelnet

Fall 2023 Payment Plan Options

Past Due Payment Plan

Past Due Payment plans are available for students with a balance that has not been paid for a previous term or terms.. These payment plans must be requested from the Cashier’s Office. The non-refundable cost is between $30-$50 and depends on your balance and the length of plan chosen. A minimum balance of $100 is required to enroll in the Past Due Payment Plan. Balances can consist of tuition and enrollment fees, mandatory campus fees, course fees, and certain financial aid balances. Students enrolling in the Past Due Payment Plan will have the enrollment block removed from their student account allowing them to register for upcoming or future terms.

New balances cannot be added to the Past Due Payment Plan. All new balances that are incurred after signing up for the Past Due Payment Plan must have other payment arrangements made- current term payment plans, playing in full, financial aid, etc.

If your past due balance changes for any reason (Financial Aid received, Petition approved), please contact the Cashier’s Office immediately to have the Past Due Payment Plan cancelled. This plan does not automatically cancel or adjust when the balance changes.

Updated 07/18/23 CS