Students Rights and Responsibilities

  • You must meet and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to be eligible for financial aid. View SAP details including our policy by selecting SAP link at the end of the email.
  • Let us know if you are receiving additional resources such as scholarships, 529 plans, or other 3rd party assistance to cover your college expenses.
  • Initial awards usually assume full-time enrollment (enrolled in a minimum of 12 units) in full semester (17-weeks) courses.
  • Aid is adjusted to reflect your actual payable enrollment level after the add/drop deadline known as the financial aid freeze date.
  • Course changes (adds/drops) and enrollment in late-start, short-term, or intersession courses may affect aid amounts and/or delay disbursement.
  • Withdrawal from classes prior to the freeze date or failing to begin attendance could require partial or full repayment of financial aid disbursed to you.
  • If you were offered a Cal Grant, Palomar College staff will update the award to “accepted”  once all eligibility criteria has been fulfilled.
  • Aid may be reduced or cancelled if we determine there are eligibility changes such as changes in enrollment level, course applicability (enrollment in courses not required for your declared major), financial aid application data or SAP status.
  • Pell Lifetime Eligibility (PLE) sets the maximum Federal Pell Grant a student can receive at twelve (12) semesters (or six years) of full-time equivalency. You may decline or return your Federal Pell Grant funds to save PLE for future semesters using the Cancel/Decline Aid
  • Course Repetition Restrictions- you may only be paid once for repeating a course already taken with a passing grade.
  • Cash your financial aid checks as soon as possible. Any check that is not cashed within six months of being issued becomes a stale dated check (cannot be cashed) and will be considered a decline of funds.
  • Contact the financial aid office by email ( or call (760) 891-7510 if you believe you have received a check in error, have lost or not received your check. Please wait ten (10) business days from your disbursement date before inquiring about a returned check. We will contact you by email if the check is returned to our office by the post office.
Last modified on October 12, 2023