California Dream Act Service Incentive Grant (DSIG)


The California Dream Act Service Incentive Grant (DSIG) is a program that awards qualifying California Dream Act Applicants (CADAA) up to $4,500 per academic year for performing 300 hours of community or volunteer service.

Students will need to apply annually to participate in the DSIG program.  Students will first submit the DSIG Grant Application to be admitted to the program then submit the Payment Request form(s) upon completing the volunteer hours.

Grant Eligibility:

  • Applied for CADAA (CA Dream Act App.) for 2023-2024,
  • Must be an active recipient of a Cal Grant B or A award; Cal Grant A recipients must meet Cal Grant B eligibility,
  • Have sufficient unmet need,
  • Enrolled in at least half-time (6 units),
  • Must meet SAP: Satisfactory Academic Progress,
  • Volunteer with a university/department or at a qualifying organization/s. A minimum of 150 hours must be completed before first payment can be requested – a total of 300 hours and two payments per academic year.

Qualifying Community or Volunteer Service Organization:

  • A nonprofit as defined in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Any federal, state, or local government entity.
  • Any school or organization on the List of Service Organizations 
  • Qualifying Service Organizations not on the List of Service Organizations may register with CSAC 
  • Shall be established for a minimum of two years before the first date on which a participating student begins performing service hours.
  • Service performed must be related to your field of study or serves to further community service or a community need.

DSIG Application Process:

The program is open from July 1 to June 30 and follows the annual academic year.

DSIG Application

  • Section 1: Provide your information. You will need your CSAC or Dream Act ID.
  • Section 2: Must be completed by the Financial Aid Office. Email your form to
  • Section 3: After the Financial Aid office completes Section 2, provide the form to your selected service organization to complete. The certifying official(s) who will be verifying completion of service hours must sign this section.
  • Section 4: Sign and email the completed form to

Once you receive notification from CSAC that your application has been approved, ensure you are cleared by the service organization’s office of Human Resources. If you will be volunteering at Palomar College, please visit the Volunteers page for additional requirements. You may begin completing and tracking your service hours after you’ve been cleared.

DSIG Payment Process:

Payment can be requested after completing at least 150 hours of community or volunteer service.

  1. Download the Payment Request Form.
  2. Enter Academic Year for the Payment Request.
  3. Provide your information on Section 1.
  4. Provide the Payment Request form to your selected service organization to complete Section 3. The certifying official(s) will also sign the Service Hours Tracker.
  5. Sign and email the completed form to A financial aid advisor will complete Section 2 and will then email the finalized form and documentation of service hours performed to

You will be notified via email once your payment request is approved and again when your check is ready for pick up. Payments will be sent directly to Palomar College and can take 4-6 weeks. Initial DSIG payment will occur after you receive at least one Cal Grant A or B payment. As a reminder, Cal Grant A recipients must have met Cal Grant B eligibility.

*A new Payment Request Form must be completed to request a second DSIG payment.

Additional Information:

California Student Aid Commission DSIG Overview

    • One page Flyer (link)
    • Tri-fold Brochure (link)
    • DSIG Volunteer Hours Tracker (link)
    • Frequently Asked Questions (link)

If you have any questions regarding DSIG, please email

Last modified on September 26, 2023