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Name Title and Location
Acosta, Maria INEA Instructor
Anderson, Graciela INEA Instructor
Bell, Holly ESL Instructor, Escondido
Bixler, Colleen ESL Instructor, Escondido
Cantow, Roberta ESL Instructor, Escondido
Carothers, Crystal ESL Instructor, Escondido
Castillo, Marcel ESL Instructor, San Marcos
Chen, Lee Professor, San Marcos
Clarke, Cheryl ESL Instructor, Escondido
Cobbe, Deidre ESL Instructor, San Marcos
Conde, Jose INEA Instructor
Cully, Sheri Multi-Site Instructor
Fatseas, Christina ESL Instructor, Fallbrook
Fung, Tracy Professor, San Marcos
Goar, Teresa ESL Instructor, San Marcos
Gonzalez, Jose ESL Instructor, Escondido
Hightower, Sharon ESL Instructor, San Marcos
Hosaka, Heather Assistant Professor, Fallbrook & San Marcos
Johnson, Kimberly ESL Instructor, Ramona
Kuiper, Catherine Multi-Site Instructor
Lackkaty, Sou ESL Instructor, San Marcos
Lawson, Lawrence Associate Professor, Escondido & San Marcos
Lemus, Sergio INEA Instructor
Lenhert, Jan ESL Instructor, Escondido
Lohr, Elizabeth ESL Instructor, San Marcos
Lowther, Carol Professor, San Marcos
Lugo-Garcia, Martha INEA Instructor
Madan, Nimoli Professor, Escondido & San Marcos
Mages, Sandra Multi-Site Instructor
McDermott, Carole ESL Instructor, San Marcos
McMurtry, Terri ESL Instructor, San Marcos
Mellos, Vickie Assistant Professor, Escondido & San Marcos
Meneses, Ana INEA Instructor
Meneses, Gonzalo ESL Instructor, San Marcos
Mikas, Heayoung ESL Instructor, San Marcos
Mullens, John ESL Instructor, Escondido
Murphy, Joanna ESL Instructor, Escondido
Murillo, Susana ESL Instructor, San Marcos
Ohno, Jan ESL Instructor, Escondido
Ouano Perren, Dinah ESL Instructor, Escondido
Parker, Tina Marie Assistant Professor, San Marcos
Peña, Jose ESL Instructor, Escondido
Pizzorno, Matthew ESL Instructor, Escondido
Ponder, Linda ESL Instructor, Fallbrook
Ramirez, Christian ESL Instructor, San Marcos
Raymer, Jerrie ESL Instructor, Ramona
Richey, Tami ESL Instructor, San Marcos
Rodriguez, Veralicia INEA Instructor
Ruiz, Laura INEA Instructor
Siminski, Nicole Assistant Professor, San Marcos
Snyder, Miriam INEA Instructor
Sosa, Gary Professor, San Marcos
Tamura, Katrina ESL Instructor, San Marcos
Tarmas, Susan ESL Instructor, Escondido
Thiele, Don Multi-Site Instructor
Thomson, Trevyan ESL Instructor, San Marcos
Voorhes, Gail ESL Instructor, Ramona
Woodward, Suzanne ESL Instructor, San Marcos

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